What will help ensure optimal honeysuckle pollination?

What will help ensure optimal honeysuckle pollination?


High-quality pollination is the key to a good harvest of honeysuckle

Honeysuckle turned out to be a promising crop for organic products, which occupies a stable market niche. According to SEEDS.org.ua, according to Yagodnik, scientific institutions and advanced berry farms are actively moving towards developing growing technology, assortment improvement, post-harvest refinement, demand research and developing a marketing strategy – that is, a detailed comprehensive study of culture.

High-quality pollination is the key to the crop. It is no secret that cross-pollination plays an important role in most fruit and berry crops, even those that are considered self-fertile (currants, blueberries, etc.).

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For honeysuckle as a self-infertile culture, this is an extremely important requirement, therefore, an understanding of the mechanism due to which optimal pollination of flowers, and, consequently, the formation of high yields, is necessary.

Usually it is ensured through a combination of three main factors: the presence of a source of pollen (another variety), insects that carry this pollen, and favorable conditions for pollination (previously weather).

At the same time, varieties for mutual pollination should be genetically compatible, bloom simultaneously (or in very close terms), and their plants should be placed as close as possible in the plantation.

The research results obtained by the team of Professor Bob Bors at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) made it possible to group individual varieties according to these characteristics and provide data in the table of their suitability for pollination. The information obtained will help honeysuckle producers optimize the pollination process and increase crop yield.


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