What telegram groups do farmers and the produce business read? Uzbekistan is the leader here too!

What telegram groups do farmers and the produce business read? Uzbekistan is the leader here too!


The “East-fruit.com News” channel turned out to be the only one and quite massive, providing information on the markets of vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, greens in Russian

Recently, the Telegram platform has been developing very quickly, and is becoming more than just a messenger. This is an almost full-fledged social network in which more and more content is generated. It is here that the most important and interesting news has recently appeared, so we advise everyone to install Telegram on smartphones.

Naturally, the EastFruit team is closely following the development of communities and groups, and pays attention to the main trends. Earlier, we already made a rating of the top 5 groups for trading in fruits and vegetables, and now we decided to study the question – what do gardeners, berry growers, potato growers, vegetable growers, nut growers and other participants in the fruit and vegetable market read.

When we began to study the agricultural segment of Telegram, we discovered a complete lack of content on fruits and vegetables in the Russian-speaking segment. In fact, the “East-fruit.com News” channel turned out to be the only and quite massive one that provides information about the markets of vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, greens, etc. The channel, at the time of writing, had more than 1900 subscribers and was even one of the most popular non-specialized channels in Russian. You can join the channel at this link.

The biggest discovery for us is the activity of the Telegram agricultural segment in Uzbekistan! It turns out that EastFruit channel is still very far from the popularity of the largest agricultural channel Agro-Olam.uz, which has more than 27 thousand subscribers! True, this is also not a specialized channel and it is in Uzbek, but the scale is impressive.

Here, in the Uzbek segment of the Internet, there is also the most popular fruit and vegetable channel – it is called “Bodorchilik ilmi (Gardening)” and has more than 6.4 thousand subscribers. Of course, the channel is in Uzbek. By the way, in Uzbekistan there is even a channel dedicated to asparagus and it already has more than a thousand subscribers! So, in terms of developing Telegram content for agriculture, Uzbekistan is far ahead of other countries in the region.

Unfortunately, despite our desire, we could not find serious specialized fruit and vegetable channels in Russian and Ukrainian too. Although there are fairly well-developed channels dedicated to agriculture in general, but there is very little information about vegetables and fruits.

We found a channel devoted to nuts, but there were only about 100 subscribers, although it was updated regularly enough, though in automatic mode. The “Vegetable Growers of Russia” channel had only 30 subscribers in general, and many of the gardening channels, mainly devoted to the personal technologies for growing fruits and berries, had from several tens to one and a half hundred subscribers. Therefore, there are undoubtedly quite a lot of opportunities here, and we will probably see in the near future the rapid development of this Telegram segment.


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