What a Fresh Berry Supplier in the Netherlands Should Know

What a Fresh Berry Supplier in the Netherlands Should Know


When buying berries, consumers pay attention to such product characteristics as usefulness, shelf life and ease of packaging ”

Berry producers have good chances to sell their products in the Netherlands retail chains, provided that they comply with certain requirements for exported products from both importers and retailers. First of all, they relate to taste and aroma, environmental friendliness and packaging of berries. This was told by the representative of the Dutch company “BAKKER BARENDRECH & AHOLD” Rob Wessels during the Second International Conference “S-Fruit Transformation – 2020”, which is being held today in Kiev (Ukraine).

In his speech, Rob Wessels elaborated on the requirements for manufacturers who plan to supply fresh produce to the leading Dutch supermarket chain Albert Hein.

He stressed that in order for a company exporting fresh berries to meet the necessary requirements for working in the Dutch market, it is necessary to know the expectations of consumers in this market.

“The consumer wants to consume and, accordingly, will buy berries that meet the requirements of safety and environmental friendliness of fruits and vegetables. An important role is played by the taste and aroma of the berry in combination with appearance and freshness. Also, when buying berries, they pay attention to such product characteristics as usefulness, shelf life and ease of packaging, ”said Rob Wessels.

At the same time, he emphasized that the requirements for companies wishing to work in Dutch retail chains can be divided into two groups: the requirements of the importing company and the retail chains themselves.

Guaranteed quality, volume and minimal pollution of the supplied products

“The main requirements of the importer relate to the producer’s approaches to innovative methods of growing berries, which allows him to obtain guaranteed high quality and the required volume of products. Particular attention is also paid to methods for collecting berries, which allow to obtain products of minimal pollution, which further contributes to the best indicators of biological control. In addition, the berry must undergo a pre-cooling procedure as soon as possible after harvesting and transported in such a way as to exclude the possibility of damage, ”said a representative of BAKKER BARENDRECH & AHOLD during the conference, adding that the berry producer must also have varieties approved for delivery by the importer and planned production based on the above requirements.

The requirements of distribution networks, according to Rob Wessels, are in minimal product packaging, compliance with environmental standards, the manufacturer himself has a control system for the requirements of the distribution network, product traceability, and information on product quality and usefulness.

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“Special requirements are placed on the safety of berry products, in particular, information is being examined on the presence of pathogens, foreign bodies and contaminants,” said Rob Wessels.

According to him, the company “BAKKER BARENDRECH & AHOLD” today selects only specialized suppliers of berries producing the best quality products for cooperation. “Our main focus is on excellent quality, but within certain requirements. To do this, today we are looking for suppliers of berries – blueberries, raspberries, strawberries gardening around the world. For example, today we successfully supply berries from different countries, among the main Egypt, Spain, Zimbabwe, Peru and others. At the same time, we are looking for suppliers of high-quality blueberries and have already begun cooperation with Ukrainian producers of this berry in order to fill the so-called frame windows – delivery periods arising from different times of berry picking in the countries of the world, ”said Rob Wessels.

Recall that previously an economist at the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Andrey YarmakSpeaking about the main trends of the world berry market in his blog on EastFruit, he reported that the consumption of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries in the EU is growing 3-4 times faster than the consumption of strawberries. At the same time, Andrei Yarmak noted the greatest prospects in the berry segment of blueberries, because of the year-round availability and high quality of this berry.

However, the production of blueberries is growing faster than the production of other berries. This means that prices for it, most likely, also, according to the economist of the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), will decrease quite noticeably in the next 4-5 years.

According to EastFruit Project Manager KaterinZvereva, the current price situation on the world market of blueberries allows you to get high-margin products, even if there is not the most efficient production of berries.

“However, in the next three years, the price will most likely fall. Under these conditions, a blueberry producer who wants to maintain the profitability of his business needs to focus on production efficiency. In particular, we are talking about the introduction of modern growing technologies, improving the quality of berries. All of this needs to be addressed today, ”said Katerina Zvereva.


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