Watermelons rose in price in Georgia and Poland, and melons – only in Russia. Melons market overview for the 34th week of 2020

Watermelons rose in price in Georgia and Poland, and melons – only in Russia. Melons market overview for the 34th week of 2020


New trends, river logistics and other changes in the melons market

As predicted by the analysts of the East-Fruit project, the market for melons and gourds in the countries of the monitored region saw another dynamic change in the situation, and by the end of the reporting week, the previously set price tags changed in most countries for all analyzed types of melons. If in the outgoing week it was still possible to speak of price stability in these segments, then it was exclusively about melons and only in individual countries.

As a result, the reporting period ended with the establishment of new negative price trends that took place in both the eastern and western countries of the monitoring region.

Stable selling prices for watermelons remained for less than one week, and as a result of this period, prices did not undergo changes only in Tajikistan, where before that they were the cheapest in the region, on average $ 0.08 / kg.

But the greatest attention in the reporting week on the melons market was completely directed to Ukraine. It is in this country that over the past week the prices for watermelons have sagged as much as possible, by almost 30%. One of the key factors that supported the negative price dynamics in the watermelon segment on the Ukrainian market was the first large supply (about 300 tons) of melons by river logistics this season, from the main production zone – the south – to the main consumption center – in Kiev. … As soon as the volume was formed and there was no need for purchases of large consignments of watermelons in a short period of time, prices began to decline from the beginning of this week.

As for the isolated cases of watermelon price increases during the reporting period, the project specialists noted a similar fact in Georgia, where prices for melons and gourds increased barely noticeably, and in Poland. It was in the last, by the end of the outgoing week, that the prices for watermelon set new records, and the most expensive melons in the region were offered there, on average at $ 0.51 / kg.

In the melons market, according to analysts of the East-Fruit project, throughout the reporting period, the dominance of negative price trends was observed, but at the same time, a sharp drop in indicators was not recorded. Prices for these products have lost insignificantly, from $ 0.03 / kg to $ 0.06 / kg over the past seven days, in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, where there were no problems with supplying new batches of melons to the market and the supply gradually increased.

Unlike watermelons, so far the highest prices for melons in Poland, on average $ 1.21 / kg, have not changed by the end of this week. Also, the price tags for this type of melons have not changed in Georgia and Tajikistan. Moreover, in the Georgian market, prices for melons have remained stable for several weeks in a row.

The exception of the current period in the melons segment this week was the Russian Federation, where the project experts noted a slight but rise in prices due to interruptions in the supply of new batches of products from local farms.

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