Watermelons and melons became cheaper almost everywhere – an overview of the melon market for the 26th week of 2020.

Watermelons and melons became cheaper almost everywhere – an overview of the melon market for the 26th week of 2020.


Melons continued to get cheaper in all countries of the East-Fruit region

Analysts at the East-Fruit project note active trading activity in the gourd segment in all the analyzed countries of the region. And if in the eastern part of the region the new melon season entered the active phase a few weeks ago, then in the west and north the 2020 season is just beginning.

As a rule, in the first weeks of the season the market for gourds is very dynamic and the price situation is constantly changing. Traditionally, from the beginning to the peak of the season, prices for watermelons and melons are gradually decreasing, which was recorded in the outgoing week.

So, in the segment watermelon This week, there was a maximum decrease in prices in the Ukrainian market, where by the end of the reporting period, the average prices for watermelon fell to $ 0.75 / kg, but at the same time they remained the highest among all the analyzed countries.

At the lowest prices in the entire monitoring region, an average of $ 0.15 / kg, by the end of the reporting period, wholesale watermelon lots were on sale in the Tajik market. As the supply of watermelons continued to grow there, local producers did not exclude that price reduction trends in this segment would strengthen in the near future.

In the segment melon This week, the situation also developed according to the standard scenario: these products continued to become cheaper everywhere, East-Fruit analysts said. But, at the same time, unlike watermelons, melon prices decreased gradually and without sharp jumps. The exception in this case was Moldova, where over the past week a sharp increase in supply has led to the fact that melons in the Moldavian market have become immediately cheaper by 40%. Despite another reduction in prices to $ 1.61 / kg in Russia, this indicator was the highest among all the countries analyzed by the end of this week.

After another significant decline in the Tajik market, the lowest melon prices in the entire region were established. Wholesale sales of these products by the end of the reporting week were an average of $ 0.19 / kg.

According to experts, the current negative price trends in the market for gourds have every reason to continue in the near future, except when significant changes in weather conditions in individual countries are noted.

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