Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine began regulating the rules of organic production

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine began regulating the rules of organic production


The Parliament adopted the bill “On the basic principles and requirements for organic production, circulation and labeling of organic products.” It is reported by Minagroprod

The law will help increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian organics and expand external markets. In addition, its norms are aimed at providing consumers with organic goods and protecting market operators from unfair competition.

The main provisions of the document will ensure transparent business conditions in the production and circulation of organic products.

The law provides for the following:

– development of the powers of the executive authorities exercising control in the field of organic production;

– determination of the rights and obligations of market entities, in particular, market operators and certification bodies;

– development of requirements for the production, storage, transportation, sale, declaration and labeling of organic products and certification procedures for organic production with detailing by industry;

– introduction of registration of certification bodies and market operators;

– The introduction of a mechanism of state control over the activities of subjects of the market for organic products and responsibility for violation of legislation in this area;

– establishing requirements for the list of ingredients and components that are allowed to be used in the process of organic production in the maximum allowable quantities, as well as the procedure by which they can be allowed;

– establishing requirements.

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