Uzbekistan begins export of dried fruits to Japan

Uzbekistan begins export of dried fruits to Japan


In 2019, Uzbekistan delivered trial lots of dried fruits to Japan: raisins, dried apricots and prunes worth about $ 90 thousand

Japan is one of the most demanding markets in the world. However, according to EastFruit experts, Japanese importers not only set very high standards for the safety and quality of products supplied to the country, but are also willing to pay a very high price for them. By the way, quickly entering the market of this country is not easy, because in addition to high product requirements, Japanese entrepreneurs also set high requirements for the business and human qualities of supplier partners.

“Due to the fact that Japan is one of the most difficult markets for fruits and vegetables in the world, we are very pleased to note the progress that Uzbekistan has made in the Japanese market. Let not very large volumes of exports mislead anyone – they may not be large at the initial stage, while Japanese consumers look at the supplier, its reliability and the stability of the quality of the supplied products, ”says Andrei Yarmak, economist at the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

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The fact that the two countries have managed to coordinate access to the market is a significant achievement. Due to this, in 2019, Uzbekistan delivered trial batches of dried fruits to Japan: raisins, dried apricots and prunes worth about $ 90 thousand, of which $ 61 thousand accounted for raisins. In quantitative terms, 16 tons of Uzbek raisins, 5 tons of prunes and 3 tons of dried apricots were exported to Japan.

It is important to note that only ten countries of the world in 2019 supplied commercial lots of raisins to the Japanese market. The main supplier, by a wide margin from the rest, was the United States, which exported 22.9 thousand tons of raisins to Japan. Among the leaders were also Turkey, Chile, Australia, South Africa and China. Uzbekistan took 10th place in the ranking, ahead of Argentina and only slightly losing to Iran.

Prunes in significant volumes to Japan supply only three countries and again the USA with 5.3 thousand tons remains the leader in this segment. Chile supplies only 200 tons and France supplies just over 100 tons. Uzbekistan with five tons closes the top five prune exporters to Japan.

Japan imports commercial volumes of dried apricots from four countries – Turkey, South Africa, China and the USA. In 2019, Pakistan delivered only 4 tons and Uzbekistan – 3 tons of dried apricots.

Therefore, the very presence of Uzbekistan in the lists of suppliers of dried fruits to Japan is a very important achievement. If Uzbek exporters can ensure the stability of supplies and product quality, then, undoubtedly, a good future and big profits can be expected in this market, because the taste qualities of the Japanese are very appreciated.


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