Uzbekistan and Tajikistan already export early plum to Russia, but coronavirus interferes

Uzbekistan and Tajikistan already export early plum to Russia, but coronavirus interferes


Early plum varieties are harvested in the southern regions of Uzbekistan – in the Surkhandarya region, and in Tajikistan – in the Khatlon region

According to EastFruit analysts, the fresh plum export season from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan has already started. So far, early plum varieties have been harvested in the southern regions of these countries – in Uzbekistan – from the Surkhandarya region, and in Tajikistan – from the Khatlon region. In a week, drainage will also begin in the Gissar Valley of Tajikistan (Vahdat, Gissar, Shakhrinav and Tursunzade).

However, there are problems with the export of plums, primarily from suppliers from Tajikistan. According to our colleagues, as of Saturday, several trucks with fresh plums have not been able to cross the border of Uzbekistan for three days. This is due to the spread of coronavirus in Tajikistan. Accordingly, the Uzbek authorities do not allow Tajik drivers into the country, although they do not object to the transit of goods. It is not yet clear how and when this problem will be solved, since earlier drivers from Tajikistan could drive through the territory of Uzbekistan.

It is generally noted that among the confirmed cases of coronavirus in the region, there are quite a lot of drivers of heavy vehicles. Therefore, after each trip, they must undergo 14 days of self-isolation. It turns out that drivers of transport companies, because of these rules, are sorely lacking.

Another problem is the decline in demand in Russia due to a sharp decrease in the income level of the population of this country. So far, there is no big problem with the sales of early plums, since the volume of its supply is still low, but now there is a sharp decrease in the level of interest in fruits from Central Asia from Russian importers.

Thus, on the one hand, there is a decrease in demand for fruits in Russia, and on the other, there are problems with the transport of perishable products from Central Asia. Therefore, it is obvious that a difficult season can wait for gardeners in the region, because the areas of intensive orchards and fruit production in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are actively increasing.

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Recall that the largest supplier of plums to Russia is Moldova, which exported 36.4 thousand tons of plums to the Russian market last season. Uzbekistan is in second place, and last year Uzbekistan increased the export of plums to Russia by 2.8 times to 18 thousand tons. At the same time, the supply seasons from Uzbekistan and Moldova practically do not overlap – they complement each other.

By the way, Tajikistan is not among the major suppliers of plums to Russia. Last year, the first official 18 ton plum batch was shipped from Tajikistan to Russia. However, according to trade sources, the real volume of Tajik plum exports is much higher, but they are not reflected in trade statistics.

It should be said that last year the official import of plums to Russia exceeded 80 thousand tons and increased by 4% per year, and mainly due to Uzbekistan. However, plum imports to Russia may plummet this year.


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