Uzbek farmer improves drip irrigation technology for his garden in the middle of the desert (video)

Uzbek farmer improves drip irrigation technology for his garden in the middle of the desert (video)


A gardener from Uzbekistan planted apricots, watermelons and melons on 250 hectares of desert

An Uzbek farmer laid out an orchard in the middle of the desert, reports. The farmer planted apricots, watermelons and melons on 250 hectares of the desert. And all this thanks to the unique technology that the Uzbek man invented himself.

Akimat of Turkestan region (Kazakhstan) became interested in the innovation. Now Kazakh officials want to learn from the experience of their neighbors.

Literally three months ago there was just a desert here, and now Nurali Abdullayev proudly shows his orchard in the middle of the desert. It is the first and so far the only one in Uzbekistan, spread over an area of ​​250 hectares. Each time in three years, you can get at least five tons of apricots. The whole secret is in drip irrigation technology, which the farmer slightly changed, taking into account the peculiarities of the area.

Nurali Abdullaev tells about his know-how in the following way: “Hydropods are placed under each seedling. They collect moisture. When the soil dries up, it is they who feed the root system. This technology enables us to create gardens in desert areas. Nothing depends on the soil. The main thing is that there is no salt there. The rest of the trace elements we send using drip irrigation technology. Apricot trees will not begin to bear fruit until next year. In the meantime, profit is brought by unpretentious melons planted between seedlings. “

The akimat of the Turkestan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan is seriously interested in the technology of the Uzbek farmer. “We were surprised that all the seedlings in the fields simultaneously receive moisture using the drip irrigation system. We would like to see other farmers successfully use this technology and get a good harvest. This is very convenient for the Turkestan region. The drip irrigation system is fully automated. More than 100 sensors are installed in the fields. When the moisture runs out, they send a signal and the system starts watering. The whole process can be controlled through a smartphone, ”said Nurbek Badyrakov, head of the Department of Agriculture of the Turkestan region.

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According to Nurali Abdullayev, there is a meteorological station in the garden that measures temperature, moisture, all data. The computer processes this data. If necessary, the computer turns on drip irrigation and sets the watering time automatically. Here, each seedling receives a certain amount of water, moisture, micro and macro elements. This allows the seedlings to grow equally. Thanks to modern technology, fruits and berries can not be watered for up to three weeks.

The agrarian innovator has already been invited to share his experience with other agricultural producers in the region. According to Nurbek Badyrakov, all conditions for an investor from Uzbekistan will be created in the Turkestan region. They are ready to drill a well there at the expense of the state budget. In turn, the entrepreneur will be able to introduce his own drip irrigation technology and create a food belt around Turkestan.


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