UPRA: the harvest of wild strawberries (strawberries) in Ukraine may be the worst in the past few years

UPRA: the harvest of wild strawberries (strawberries) in Ukraine may be the worst in the past few years


The main reason for the high prices for early berries in 2020 is adverse weather conditions.

To date, prices for early berries in Ukraine continue to be kept at a high level. So, as of the beginning of June 2020, wholesale lots of high-quality wild strawberries are sold at 65-75 UAH / kg, while low-quality products, which are also quite a lot on the market due to rainy and cloudy weather, are offered an average of 40 UAH / kg.

Analysts at the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPAA) note that this year prices for strawberries are record high not only over the past five years, but also historically for this period of time. For comparison, in early June 2019, high-quality wild strawberries could be purchased at an average of 25-30 UAH / kg. Roughly in the same range, prices fluctuated in early June 2018. In the first week of June 2016 and 2017, strawberries were sold on average at 15-20 UAH / kg. In previous years, prices for this berry were even lower.

Thus, today farmers who were able to get a harvest of wild strawberry in the difficult weather conditions of 2020 can earn an average of 2.0-2.5 times more on the sale of each kilogram of wild strawberry than last season, and four times more expensive than in 2016.

The main reason for the high prices for early berries in 2020 is adverse weather conditions. In Ukraine, over the past two months, several waves of frost have been recorded that caused losses not only to producers of berries, but also to those farmers who grow apples, cherries, plums and apricots. Even crops of winter grains and oilseeds were affected.

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May frosts turned out to be especially fatal for Ukrainian producers of garden strawberries, because of which a significant part of the crop was lost. The situation continues to worsen by low temperatures in early June, accompanied by heavy rainfall. Such natural disasters not only inhibit the ripening of berries in most Ukrainian farms, but also negatively affect their quality.

Market participants already say that the harvest of strawberries will be the worst in the past few years, and prices for berries will continue to be kept at a relatively high level. It also means that the production of frozen strawberry can also decrease, despite the expansion of berry freezing capacity. Ukraine exports wild strawberries mainly in frozen form.

Market experts note that in recent years, the quality of Ukrainian garden strawberries has been constantly improving due to an increase in the technological level of production, wider use of the best varieties of strawberries of foreign selection and significant investments both in growing and processing berries.

Recall that according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the gross harvest of garden strawberries in 2019 amounted to about 63 thousand tons, and a year earlier, 62.2 thousand tons of this berry was harvested. However, market participants are skeptical about the reliability of such data. They talk about a significant increase in the production of garden strawberries over the past three years, which is much more than what official statistics show.


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