UPOA: Ukrainian gardeners significantly reduced apple exports

UPOA: Ukrainian gardeners significantly reduced apple exports


In the first 5 months of the season (July-November), Ukraine exported 8.8 thousand tons of apples, which is 4.8 thousand tons less than the previous season

As of mid-January 2020, average prices for apples in Ukraine remain at the level of 11-12 UAH / kg. Moreover, prices below this range have not fallen since the beginning of November 2019. Experts from the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association note that apple prices this season are on average 1.5-2 times higher than last year.

“First of all, the increase in apple prices was triggered by a significant decrease in production in Ukraine, which, according to preliminary estimates, decreased by more than 20%. In addition, a large number of poor-quality apples were harvested this season, and until the end of 2019, Ukrainian producers sold mainly products that were damaged by hail and scab. At the same time, a high-quality apple was put into storage at the storehouse, and according to market operators, it will be sold from February-March, ”says Katerina Zvereva, Director for Development of the UPOA.

Of course, a significant decline in production and rather high prices for apples in the domestic market could not but affect the export performance of these products. So, in the first 5 months of the season (July-November), Ukraine exported 8.8 thousand tons of apples, which is 4.8 thousand tons less than in the previous season. However, the main reason for the decline in exports of these products is not a decrease in apple production in Ukraine, and not a large number of low-quality products, but the reluctance of producers themselves to enter foreign markets this season.

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“This season, importers from the Middle East and Southeast Asia turned to us with requests for a Ukrainian apple. However, domestic producers did not take this news very enthusiastically, arguing their position with rather high apple prices in the domestic market. It is possible that in a few years or even in the next season, the situation of the season 2018/2019 will recur, when producers refused to harvest at all because of low prices on the domestic market. And then the export issue will be more relevant than ever. However, it should be understood that apple producers from Serbia and Moldova are also increasing their exports and are looking for new markets, and they are quite capable of gaining a foothold in those markets where Ukraine could gain a foothold in the future, ”said Semyon Kramarenko, Executive Director of the UPOA.


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