Ukrainians consume more bananas and less apple – how many bananas do they eat in other countries of the world?

Ukrainians consume more bananas and less apple – how many bananas do they eat in other countries of the world?


Consumption of bananas by residents of Ukraine for the first time exceeded 6 kg per person per year

An EastFruit article on record banana import to Ukraine in 2019 amid growing domestic fruit production and the berry turned out to be very resonant. In this regard, many are interested, but are there really so many bananas that Ukrainians consume?

Recall that the consumption of bananas by the inhabitants of Ukraine, according to estimates of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPRA), for the first time exceeded 6 kg per person per year and already accounts for more than half of apple consumption. And the size of the banana market in Ukraine is already almost twice as large as the size of the fresh apple market.

However, Ukraine, according to Andrei Yarmak, an economist at the investment department of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Ukraine is one of the countries with a low consumption of bananas per capita.

“All countries in terms of banana consumption can be divided into six categories:

  1. banana exporting countries,

  2. producer countries (where banana is a traditional fruit),

  3. rich banana importing countries,

  4. importing countries with average banana consumption,

  5. low banana importer countries

  6. ultra-low banana importer countries.

Ukraine can be attributed to the fifth category of consumers – countries with low consumption. Next to us per capita consumption of bananas are countries such as Belarus, for example. True, in Belarus, banana consumption is higher than in Ukraine by 27-28% and reaches 7.7 kg / year. Moldova consumes about 4 kg of bananas per person per year, and Romania, 8.1 kg / year, ”says Andrei Yarmak.

He also notes that Russia has recently moved into the fourth category of countries, that is, among those that have an average level of consumption, since the consumption of bananas per person in Russia exceeded 10 kg and almost equaled an apple. In Poland, banana consumption is almost 13 kg per person per year – more than apple consumption in Ukraine.

“The true fans of bananas are the inhabitants of Ecuador – they eat more than 100 kg per inhabitant every year – about the same as Ukrainians or Belarusians potatoes. But this is easy to explain – after all, Ecuador leads by a large margin among banana exporting countries, selling over 6.5 million tons per year to foreign markets, ”says Yarmak. In the same category of countries, the expert includes the Philippines, Angola, Cameroon, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and other countries.

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Many bananas (category two) are also consumed by residents of countries such as Suriname, Indonesia, Honduras, Bangladesh, India, etc. The rich importing countries that do not grow their own bananas or grow them in small volumes at all include many EU-15 countries, the USA, Canada and the Middle East. For example, in the UAE, the consumption of bananas per capita reaches 20 kg per year, but there are many ethnic Indians and Pakistanis who are used to consume these fruits regularly. In the United States, banana consumption per inhabitant is about 15 kg per year, and in Germany – about 17 kg per year.

But many Central Asian countries fall into the category of ultra-low banana consumption, where their own production of inexpensive fruits, berries and nuts is high and which are located far from large seaports, which greatly increases the cost of bananas due to expensive logistics. For example, the banana consumption in Kazakhstan is below 2 kg / person per year. Residents of Tajikistan consume just over 1 kg of bananas per person per year, and residents of Uzbekistan consume only 700 grams, or about five bananas per year.

By the way, Turkey and Georgia also enter the sixth category of countries with ultra-low banana consumption. These countries consume only about 2.5 kg of bananas per person per year – a little more than one banana per month.


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