Ukrainian vegetable growers sell beets for the 2019 harvest for a penny and even give them away for free

Ukrainian vegetable growers sell beets for the 2019 harvest for a penny and even give them away for free


Beet prices in Ukraine have fallen by 14-15 times over the year!

According to EastFruit analysts, despite the intensification of the harvesting of early root crops in 2020, there are still quite a lot of offers for 2019 beetroot on the country’s market. Product quality mainly remains high, but there is virtually no demand for beets.

Announcements are periodically appearing in trading groups asking them to pick up the remainder of the beet harvest in 2019 “at least for free,” since vegetable growers are already preparing refrigerators for the early production of the new harvest. In the country’s wholesale markets, average wholesale prices for old beets range from 1 UAH / kg to 1.7 UAH / kg (4-6 US cents per kg), while sellers speak of very low demand. For comparison, the prices for old beets in 2019 at the same time reached 15 UAH / kg (about 55 cents), that is, the prices for beets for the year fell 14-15 times!

Prices for early beets of the 2020 harvest also do not please Ukrainian farmers – they range from 4 to 7 UAH / kg (15-22 cents). That is, they are now lower than last year it was possible to gain for the sale of old beets.

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Naturally, vegetable growers are disappointed in beets and, possibly, the area under the harvest of late beets in 2020 can be significantly reduced. As experts in the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project mention in their “Forecast of Production and Prices for Fruit and Vegetable Products in the 2020/21 Season”, domestic consumption of beetroot in Ukraine tends to decrease, and the export of these root crops is not developed and is very limited. Nevertheless, it is completely unobvious that a possible decrease in the area under beets will lead to a significant increase in prices for it.

However, experts of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPRA) consider beets to be a rather promising crop, provided its unique dietary and culinary properties are promoted. This product may well become another “superfood”, believes Katerina Zvereva, Development Director.

“If you consider that beets are one of the most useful vegetable crops, and if you promote them along with Ukrainian borsch, already known throughout the world as the national pride of Ukrainians, then beets may not have such a bad future. In addition, very healthy beetroot juice is already becoming quite a popular product in countries such as Japan, both in pure form and in combination with other vegetable juices, ”notes Katerina Zvereva.


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