Ukrainian producers of berries need to switch to the production of finished products – opinion

Ukrainian producers of berries need to switch to the production of finished products – opinion


Andrei Zhukov: Closing is the easiest, but working online with delivery and not losing your existing client base is very important now

To survive in quarantine, entrepreneurs must respond to new conditions with lightning speed and efficiency. And paused fruit and vegetable exports are not so bad. The main thing is not to lose people, says Andrei Zhukov, owner of S.B. Frozen Foods, which specializes in the production of frozen berries, fruits and mushrooms.

The expert told about this during the online webinar “How are agribusiness rules changing due to the Covid-19 pandemic and quarantine” organized by the agro-media agency Sapienza, writes Agri-gator.

“In connection with the current restrictions, it becomes more difficult to work every day. However, Ukrainian businessmen have seen many different things in their lives and have become more flexible in decision-making, so we are ready for such urgent things.

No one has canceled online trading and delivery. Closing is the easiest, but working online, with delivery and not losing the accumulated customer base, is now very important.

Today it’s possible to deliver almost any product, but how cost-effective it is, to maintain staff and to deliver – this is everyone’s decision as a leader himself, “says Andrei Zhukov.

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“The main thing is not to lose people! The main specialists, especially the producers. We all need to switch to the final product – it costs completely different money. In our country there is no culture of consuming frozen berries.

There were and still are gardens and private gardens, many grow bushes of raspberries, currants, which each freezes, makes conservation … And enough for such a family or even two or three families.

At the same time, a lot of cafes, cafes and restaurants appeared in the country, which sell berry cocktails, smoothies and pastries with berries. It is in this direction that Ukrainian producers should think about it, “the director of S.B. Frozen Foods emphasized.

“How relevant is this during quarantine? People went, made purchases, spent money. Everyone has less money, consumption of basic foods, the same bread, buckwheat, etc. has decreased. Can a person live without berries in such conditions? Probably he can .

But always after a recession, take-off comes. And then those who will be the first will be the ones to win, ”said Andrei Zhukov.

“As for export, I’m still optimistic, although there are a lot of restrictions. We still store products in our warehouses and in a large enough volume, which, due to the coronavirus, we can’t actively sell. 97% now is export to the EU countries, whose borders are still closed today.

While it’s cold, the virus will spread quite quickly, but as soon as it gets warmer in European countries, there will be a certain “exhalation” that all Ukrainian businessmen need to be prepared for, ”says Andrey Zhukov, owner of S.B. Frozen Foods.


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