Ukrainian producer – in the berry business, it is necessary to constantly improve cultivation technologies

The current season has been very successful for Ukrainian berry growers. Despite the fact that there were certain problems with weather conditions, which mainly affected the producers of garden strawberries, the early varieties of which were very affected by the rains. At the same time, a good harvest of this berry was obtained by farmers growing mid-season and late varieties.

This opinion was expressed by the owner of the Ozeryana berry farm (Zhytomyr region, Ukraine) Yaroslav Movchun during a webinar on the results of the berry season 2021, which was organized by the Aggeek news agency. Read more in the AgriGator exclusive.

“The season was also good because the weather allowed the farmers to harvest the berries. And if today someone complains about a bad season, then I would like to say that we receive less money, first of all, because of our own mistakes.

In general, in my opinion, it is possible to get losses in our business only for two reasons: force majeure, for example, bad weather or raiding. In all other respects, one can only “blame himself”, – Yaroslav Movchun is sure.

He also notes that most often Ukrainian berry growers make mistakes when choosing irrigation and nutrition systems and during post-harvest processing.

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At the same time, Yaroslav Movchun emphasizes that today information about certain technologies of berry production, as a rule, is in the public domain and the only question is whether the berry farmers are ready to use them or not. “For example, last year, through social networks, we recommended everyone to use one of the preparations for retaining moisture in the soil. Then the majority of berry growers were critical of this. But today we see that this drug is already widely used in cereals and oilseeds. Planting and waiting for the harvest is not about the berry business. It is necessary to constantly improve the cultivation technologies, ”notes the owner of the Ozeryana berry farm.

Yaroslav Movchun also says that service providers for berry growers very often do not have a clear customer focus. “During the high season, I receive 150-160 calls a day from different companies. Of these, at least 10 are from fertilizer producers. But we do not need fertilizers in the summer, we bought them much earlier and introduced them when planting plantations in the spring. This is what testifies to the insufficient study of the client’s needs by service providers and service solutions, ”the berry market player is sure.