Ukrainian blackberry grower harvested higher than predicted

The BerryMore Active company from the village of Voronovo (Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine) received a blackberry harvest that exceeded expectations: 120 tons instead of 106, which was expected.

This is reported by AgroTimes with reference to the Berry Association of Ukraine.

“We are generally happy with the results of the season. We could have collected more, but summer hurricanes and flooding of the planting area prevented. The berry gained moisture due to the rains, ”says Inna Yaremenko, CEO of production at BerryMore Active.

BerryMore Active has a 20 hectare blackberry plantation – the largest in Ukraine. By 2025, the farm plans to have 85 hectares of this crop.

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“Nowadays the majority of the plantings are the Natchez variety of blackberries. We plan to gain momentum with remontant varieties that bear fruit from early summer until frost to extend the harvest period, ”says BerryMore Activ.

The founders of the company chose the cultivation of blackberries because of less competition and a good financial return. The berries have already been exported to Germany and the Netherlands, and in the future they plan to expand the geography of supplies. The company also passed GLOBALG.AP certification this year.

Earlier EastFruit reported that in the second half of this month in Moldova, the wholesale price of blackberries actually equaled the retail price – 25-30 lei / kg ($ 1.41-1.69 / kg). The final price for blackberries was about the same on the Moldovan market at the end of last year. The difference is that in 2021 the blackberry season in the country began and ended two weeks later.