Ukraine: Kherson watermelon dropped sharply

Ukraine: Kherson watermelon dropped sharply


Watermelon prices in Ukraine are declining faster than in 2019

According to EastFruit analysts, the decline in the price of early watermelon grown in the southern regions of Ukraine has accelerated significantly today. “Kherson watermelon” is in demand, however, Ukrainian consumers are conservative in relation to early products, due to myths that their consumption is associated with a health risk. Therefore, the first Kherson watermelon, as a rule, is sold quite expensively, but not for long. As soon as his offer begins to rise, prices immediately fall sharply.

Last week, the average wholesale price of watermelon from the Kherson region of Ukraine reached 20 UAH / kg (about 75 US cents), but today it can already be purchased even for 11 UAH / kg (about 41 US cents) when sold in small wholesale and even cheaper. when shipped from farms.

According to market participants, the early watermelon season in 2020 was somewhat delayed due to the cold spring. Therefore, prices are still higher than last year. In 2019, at this time, the average wholesale price of watermelon was one and a half times lower. However, given the growth in supply, it is possible that by the end of the week such a price level can be reached. In 2019, during the first two weeks of the season, wholesale prices for watermelon steadily decreased by 6 UAH / kg every week. In the same year, so far, the decline in prices is more rapid.

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At the same time, a relatively high level of prices for cherries, apricots and berries in 2020 can provide support for prices for watermelon. And apple prices also break all records in 2020, and it has to be imported.

We remind you that the export of watermelon from Ukraine continues to decline for four consecutive years against the backdrop of increased competition in this market. In 2019, only 14.3 thousand tons of fresh watermelon were exported, although in 2015, exports reached 29.3 thousand tons. The main export markets for Ukrainian watermelon are Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Latvia. From Belarus, which was previously a major buyer, Ukraine was almost completely replaced by Russian watermelon suppliers.

The main export shipments of watermelon from Ukraine are in August. The first batch of watermelon, as a rule, can be exported in June, and the last in October.

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