Ukraine has practically caught up with Tajikistan in onion prices. Market Overview Week 36 2020

Ukraine has practically caught up with Tajikistan in onion prices. Market Overview Week 36 2020


In Ukraine and Russia, onions have fallen in price sharply, and in the first, prices have almost equaled the level of Tajikistan. Products continued to rise in price in Georgia

According to EastFruit, the main event in the onion market this week was the collapse of prices in Russia and Ukraine. At the same time, in the last places, prices equaled the level of the Tajik market, in which products rose slightly in price by the end of the week. Prices have also grown in Georgia, while in other countries of the regular monitoring of the project the onion market has remained stable so far.

Onion prices as of Sep 04, 2020

So, in Ukraine onion prices have been declining throughout the week. Local farmers were in a hurry to complete sales of medium-sized products that were unsuitable for long-term storage. The demand for such products on the Ukrainian market was low, and, as a result, at the end of the reporting period they were offered from $ 0.10 / kg. Meanwhile, sales of late onion varieties were still inactive, and prices in this case reached $ 0.14 / kg. For comparison, of all the countries monitored EastFruit is slightly cheaper than in Ukraine, onions were offered only in Tajikistan… Here prices have slightly risen against the background of active export of products to Afghanistan, reaching $ 0.08-0.11 / kg.

Prices for onion on the market have collapsed this week Of Russia… In the Russian Federation, manufacturers, as in Ukraine, have so far held on to a few batches of late varieties. As a result, on the market the bulk of the supply was still onions, unsuitable for long-term storage, whose quality, moreover, often caused criticism from buyers. In just a week, onion in Russia lost in price by an average of about 25%, and the final range also decreased to critical indicators of $ 0.11-0.16 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Georgia prices for onions again slightly rose to $ 0.18-0.29 / kg, while in other countries they mostly remained at the level of the previous week. So, in Moldova onions could still be purchased at $ 0.18-0.24 / kg, and in Belarus a slight increase was recorded only in the maximum range ($ 0.19-0.23 / kg). The most expensive onions were still offered in Poland: here prices ranged from $ 0.19-0.29 / kg.

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