Ubiquitous rise in apple prices continues – market review for the 23rd week of 2020

Ubiquitous rise in apple prices continues – market review for the 23rd week of 2020


Ukraine continues to top the list of countries with the fastest growing apple prices

Throughout this week, the situation on the apple market exactly coincided with the trends of the previous period, and, according to EastFruit project analysts, the rise in price of apples continued in all countries of the monitoring region analyzed without exception.

At the same time, specialists recorded the minimum price increase in this segment of the market in the eastern countries of the region, where the active phase of the season of berries and fruits of the new crop has been going on for a long time, and their supply on the market is gradually increasing.

As for the western part of the region, here the situation on the apple market remained quite tense and, first of all, due to the established adverse weather conditions.

Apple prices dinamics as of 06/05/2020

It was the established cloudy and rainy weather in Ukraine that did not contribute to an increase in the supply of berries of the new crop, and those products that still came to the market were characterized by low quality indicators. Local apples of the harvest of 2019, e during the reporting period, could be offered only by individual farms, and the bulk of the apple on the Ukrainian market, as a week earlier, was made from Poland.

Since in the choice between the berries of a new crop of low quality and last year’s apples, the consumer in most cases was inclined specifically to an apple, sellers continued to raise prices, arguing that they were promptly reducing the supply of apples on the market as a whole.

It is in Ukraine over the past week that most of the main varieties of apples have grown in price by more than 25%, and sellers did not note any problems with the sale of available volumes of products.

In Belarus, where the supply of apples from the harvest of 2019 was also observed on the market, all the main varieties evenly added a little more than 10% to the value of the previous period.

Upward price trends continued to dominate in Moldova, Russia, and Poland, but sellers did not take such drastic measures to maintain the previous sales pace: the main apple varieties in the above countries rose from 3% to 10% by the end of the reporting period.

Apple prices as of 06/05/2020

Thus, by the end of the outgoing week, the average prices for Golden Delicious apples in Ukraine exceeded the mark of $ 1.00 / kg, while the remaining varieties were rapidly approaching this indicator.

The cheapest apples, as a week earlier, were offered on the Moldovan market, where the range of average prices was fixed in the range of $ 0.57-0.80 / kg. But as local producers told EastFruit project specialists, they are quite pleased with the price level at the end of the 2019/20 season. In addition, buyers, as a rule, no longer expected high quality indicators from residual batches of apples.

Throughout the reporting period, prices for main varieties of apples in the Russian Federation remained the highest among all analyzed countries in the region, and real transactions were carried out on average at $ 1.30-1.50 / kg!

According to project analysts, the offensive in the western regions of monitoring truly summer weather with sunny and hot days – an increase in the supply of berries and fruits in the new crop will help relieve tension in the apple segment.

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