Turkish investor plans to grow vegetables and melons in Bashkiria (RF)

Turkish investor plans to grow vegetables and melons in Bashkiria (RF)


Specialized experts consider the planned project area too small

Turkish Agro Dinamix plans to grow vegetables and melons and gourds in open and closed ground in the Sterlitamak region of Bashkiria (Russia). The production will occupy 16 hectares, investments in the project are estimated at 1.5 billion rubles ($ 20.3 million). It is planned to complete the design of the facility and enter the construction site in 2021. Similar production facilities of the company are already operating in Austria and Uzbekistan.

The head of the Fruit and Vegetable Union of the Russian Federation Mikhail Glushkov considers the project of the Turkish company to be promising, since the Volga Federal District is excellent for vegetable growing. According to him, if a company knows where it will sell its products, then it should not have any problems. However, in Russia, production costs are growing strongly, but this is not reflected in wholesale prices, which have been at about the same level over the past ten years, Glushkov commented to Agroinvestor.

Tamara Reshetnikova, General Director of Tekhnologii Rosta, also believes that the natural conditions of Bashkiria allow producing vegetables in the open field and getting a good harvest. However, the cultivation area of ​​16 hectares is very small for both open and closed ground. “In my opinion, this will be open field cultivation with a small seedling complex. Greenhouses need other investments, ”says Reshetnikova.

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In general, vegetable growing in Russia is in a transitional state: competitiveness is being lost, market saturation is increasing, especially for cucumber, and new investments in the industry against the background of these factors look strange, says Dmitry Rylko, Director General of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies (IKAR). Of course, the company may have its own interests, and perhaps the market is not so saturated in Bashkortostan, or we are talking about buying an existing business, he concludes.

Bashkiria ranks sixth in the ranking of Russian producers of indoor vegetables. The region has grown 43.5 thousand tons of products in greenhouses, the republican Ministry of Agriculture reported earlier. The largest producers of vegetables in winter greenhouses in Bashkortostan are the Alekseevsky state farm and the IE GKFKH Khabibrakhmanov, which by August 18 produced 9.4 thousand tons and 8.2 thousand tons of vegetables, respectively.


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