Turkey alone accounts for 85% of world dried apricot exports

In January-September 2021, exports of dried apricots from the Malatya province in eastern Turkey increased in monetary terms by $ 50 million compared to the same period last year – to $ 225.5 million, Anadolu agency reported.

Turkish Malatya accounts for 85% of world exports of this type of dried fruit.

About 8 million of Turkey’s 17 million apricot trees grow in Malatya.

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The production of dried apricots remains a stable source of income for 50 thousand farms.

According to the Malatya Trade Exchange, almost 11 thousand tons of dried apricots worth $ 42.26 million were exported from the province directly in September of this year.

In September 2020, 9.34 thousand tons of dried apricots were exported in the amount of $ 30.75 million.

Compared to September last year, revenues from the export of dried apricots from Malatya last month increased by $ 11.51 million.

The head of the Malatya Trade Exchange Ramazan Ozcan said that the income from the export of dried apricots is growing every month.

“In the period from January 1 to September 30, 2021, 63,587 tons of dried apricots worth $ 225.52 million were exported from Malatya. Thus, both the provincial budget and the budget of Turkey are replenished. The goal is to export 100 thousand tons worth $ 500 million. And we are confidently moving towards this goal, ”he said.

Ozcan said that due to the pandemic, dried apricot production has decreased and the popularity of this dried fruit has grown even more.

“Dried apricots produced in Malatya are known for their high quality. If we compare the data on exports in January-September with the indicators for 9 months of 2020, there are no sharp fluctuations. Export proceeds increased by $ 50 million. Until the end of the year, we will not only maintain, but also continue to increase export figures, ”said the head of the chamber.