TOP-10 mistakes in creating wholesale distribution centers will be considered at the international business forum “Infrastructure of agrology”

TOP-10 mistakes in creating wholesale distribution centers will be considered at the international business forum “Infrastructure of agrology”


Forum speakers will also discuss topical issues of investment and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the global fruit and vegetable market.

The issues of storage, creation of modern storages, wholesale distribution centers and other objects of agrological infrastructure, as well as wholesale trade in fruits and vegetables will be the key topics of the International Online Business Forum “Infrastructure of Agrology”, which will be held on August 4. The information partner of the forum is the EastFruit project. Event organizer – company “Agrologistics”.

The relevance of the event, according to its organizers, is that today, according to the UN, a third of all agricultural products produced is lost in the supply chain from “field to plate”. The causes of losses are imperfect infrastructure, lack of rapid cooling of fruits and vegetables, improper packaging, transport losses during transportation to storage facilities and a shortage of such storage facilities.

To increase the efficiency of the market, it is necessary to create a modern agricultural logistics system based on a network of modern agricultural infrastructure facilities.

Participation in the event will be interesting for agricultural producers, cooperatives, investors and developers, representatives of wholesale companies and retail chains, importers and exporters, logisticians, representatives of specialized associations and government authorities.

The speaker of the Forum, in particular, will be Andrey Yarmak, Economist of the Investment Department of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (Italy), who will talk about the peculiarities of the formation of wholesale markets for fruits and vegetables in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Tajikistan, and will also dwell on the TOP-10 mistakes in projects for the creation of wholesale distribution centers and objects of agrological infrastructure.

In addition, at the moment, their participation in the Forum has been confirmed by: Christian Bert, President of the wholesale market “Lyon-Corbas”, Vice-President of the National Federation of Wholesale Markets of France (France), Zamir Balkizov, General Director of “Sad-Giant Ingushetia” (Russia), Bogdan Grigoriev, General Director of GK “RosAgroMarket” (Russia), Inna Golfand, Partner “NEO Center” (Russia), Alexey Chumak, expert on wholesale markets, former CEO of wholesale markets “Stolichny” (Kiev), “Shuvar” (Lvov) (Ukraine), Andrey Khlus, Managing partner of “LFA agro” (Latvia), Sergey Myrza, General Director of “Smart Architecture” (Moldova).

Forum speakers will discuss topical issues of investment in agricultural logistics infrastructure and obtaining state support, the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on international and national commodity flows of fruits and vegetables, classification of agricultural logistics facilities, and will also analyze in detail the main mistakes in the design and construction of fruit and vegetable storage facilities, wholesale distribution centers and other agricultural logistics facilities and will discuss already implemented projects.

The forum is held in Russian. Participation in the event is free after confirmation of the application for registration by the organizers, which can be issued on Forum website.

Start of the event – August 4 at 09.45 utc + 3 (Ukraine, Russia, Latvia)

Forum partners:

  • Skladman USG
  • Logistics Field Audit
  • LFA agro

More details about the event –

Join the professional event of the fruit and vegetable market players to address pressing issues of agricultural logistics and improve the efficiency of the fruit and vegetable business with us!


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