Tomatoes have risen in price only in Ukraine, and cucumbers – in Belarus and Tajikistan. Market review for the 23rd week of 2020

Tomatoes have risen in price only in Ukraine, and cucumbers – in Belarus and Tajikistan. Market review for the 23rd week of 2020


Weather conditions and the seasonal factor have led to a change in the situation in the greenhouse vegetables market

The previous week of this year ended with the establishment of the quite expected downward price trends in the segment of greenhouse vegetables, as the new crop rotation continued everywhere. But as noted earlier, stability for this segment of the fruit and vegetable market is a rare phenomenon, and the outgoing week has confirmed this fact.

Weather conditions and the seasonal factor have made adjustments to the pricing of all types of analyzed greenhouse vegetables this week.

According to EastFruit project analysts, the influence of the above factors manifested itself most clearly on the Ukrainian market.

Tomato prices as of 06/05/2020

It is in Ukraine according to the results of the reporting week in the market round red greenhouse tomato, previously established price decline trends have been reversed.

According to EastFruit project specialists, the bulk of the supply of greenhouse tomatoes continued to be products manufactured in Turkey, where local producers began to report the completion of the next crop rotation. If you pay attention to the dates, then for all the prerequisites from the first days of summer, local products from stationary and film greenhouses in Ukraine should easily cover all consumer needs. But this season, the supply of local products by the end of the first week of summer in Ukraine remained small, due to continuing adverse weather conditions with low average daily temperatures, cloudy and rainy days.

As a result, by the end of the reporting week, interruptions in the supply of new batches of tomatoes to the market allowed sellers to raise average prices for these products from $ 0.93 / kg to $ 1.12 / kg, which was almost the highest rate in the region.

The most expensive round red greenhouse tomatoes remained on the Russian market, even after another decline in prices this week to $ 1.16 / kg. Negative price trends in the tomato market in Russia were due to a significant increase in supplies of imported production, in particular, Morocco. In addition, previously set prices for greenhouse tomatoes in Tajikistan almost halved due to the constantly growing supply. At the same time, prices for these products in a number of countries in the monitoring region stabilized by the end of the reporting period.

Long cocumber prices as of 06/05/2020

For the above reasons, over the past week in Ukraine there was an increase in prices for long smooth greenhouse cucumbers. Having reached the mark of $ 0.86 / kg, it was on the Ukrainian market that these products became the most expensive among all the analyzed countries in the monitoring region. The company Ukraine was made up of Tajikistan, which also recorded a rise in the price of smooth cucumbers by $ 0.13 / kg over the past week, as the total supply on the market could not cover the existing demand.

Throughout the reporting period, EastFruit analysts in Russia and Georgia did not note problems with the offer of this type of cucumber, which led to the strengthening of negative price trends.

Only in isolated cases on the market of long smooth greenhouse cucumbers in the monitoring region this week was relative stability recorded.

Short cocumber prices as of 06/05/2020

This week was no exception. short tuberous cucumber which added the most to the price precisely in Ukraine. Less significantly, this type of cucumber has risen in price in Belarus. The reasons for the rising price trends in the above countries were adverse weather conditions, which led to a noticeable decrease in the supply of cucumbers in the market.

As in the case of other analyzed types of greenhouse vegetables, on the market of the Russian Federation throughout the reporting week there was a reduction in the cost of short tuberous cucumber.

A distinctive feature of this period was the preservation of downward price trends in the segment of tuberous cucumbers in the Georgian market, where short cucumbers were offered at the lowest prices in the region the previous week. As a result, by the end of this week, short tuberous cucumbers in Georgia were already offered on average at $ 0.34 / kg.

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