There are twice as many apples and plums, but very few persimmons and pomegranates: a weekly review of marketplaces

Over the past week, the audience of the most popular fruit and vegetable trading group EastFruit Trade Platform exceeded 18,200 users, increasing by another 100 new members! Let’s analyze who and what sold on this and other EastFruit sites during this period.

The past week was marked by a significant increase in the supply of fruits and vegetables and the expansion of the geography of the participants. In total, participants from 17 countries promoted their products on the site. There were ads from Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Slovenia. The product offer from Belarus and Uzbekistan has decreased. Suppliers of vegetables and fruits from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and especially from Ukraine increased sales, which allowed it to take second place in our weekly rating. As a result, the five most active countries in terms of the number of placed offers changed and looks like this: Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Iran and Belarus.

Most of all in the vegetable segment of the trading floor, as in the previous week, the participants offered potatoes. Main sellers: Russia and Belarus. It is interesting that, at the same time, Belarus was actively importing potatoes and their prices there were higher than in other countries of the region. There are now offers of potatoes from Kyrgyzstan. The number of sellers of onions, carrots, tomatoes and bell peppers increased, but sales of white cabbage and pumpkin decreased. Among the goods that were not on the chart, we can note the active sale of cucumbers, Chinese cabbage and frozen vegetables.

Apple remains the leader in the fruit and berry segment, the supply of which has slightly decreased. Participants from 7 countries led its implementation last week. Plum supply doubled in a week – even suppliers from Slovenia advertised fresh plums. Sales of grapes and pears are growing, which even made it into the top 5 fruits. Participants from Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Iran offered pomegranates and persimmons, but it is too early to talk about massive sales. Iranian exporters have announced sales of kiwi fruit since October. Farmers from Armenia promoted figs. Ukraine continues to actively export fresh elderberries, but there were also offers of these berries in dried form.

The rating of fruit and vegetable products by the number of offers on the trading floor for the week in quantitative terms is given below.

The number of advertisements for the purchase of fruit and vegetable products over the past week increased by 30%. At the same time, the number of buyers of potatoes has doubled, which makes it the most popular product of the week in the vegetable category. Traders were also actively looking for onions, carrots and tomatoes. In Ukraine, buyers were interested in the suppliers of beans. Apples, lemons and grapes were in demand in the fruit segment. There was also interest in purchasing grenades. There was a demand for cranberries and chokeberries.

At this time last year, potatoes were also the most sold and bought on the trading platform, but there was less supply. They also offered less onions, carrots, beets and bell peppers. But there were more sellers of cabbage, tomatoes and pumpkin at that time. Apples and plums were sold twice less than last week, last year. But in the top sales, at that time, there were already pomegranates and persimmons, the sale of which today is still not active enough. In addition to potatoes, onions and garlic were also in demand last season. The demand for apples also exceeded the level of this year.

The chart below compares the offer on the trading platform with the previous season.

Let’s analyze how the price situation has changed in different countries on the trading floor over the past week.

EastFruit Trade Platform prices – RUSSIA

Vegetables of borsch set have risen in price in Russia for a week. Prices for potatoes and cabbage increased the most. At the end of the week, sellers raised selling prices for garlic. Tomatoes and cucumbers continue to rise in price. But the cost of bell pepper has decreased. Radish and eggplant also fell in price. In the fruit and berry segment, the price of watermelons continues to rise. Melons have also risen in price. Prices have dropped for almost all varieties of apples. The only exceptions were Ligol and Idared, which rose in price.

EastFruit Trade Platform and UkrOpt – UKRAINE

In Ukraine, prices for vegetables were mainly declining, although the decline in prices was not significant. Sweet green peppers and tomato cream have risen in price over the week. The minimum prices for cucumber, eggplant and sweet peppers of yellow and red varieties also increased. Dill has fallen in price in the greens segment. Salad prices continue to decline.

In the fruit and berry segment, prices have changed in different directions. Peaches and pears have risen in price. The cost of a kilogram of watermelons and apples has decreased. The range of selling prices for plums and blueberries narrowed. In the segment of imported fruits, tangerines have risen in price.

EastFruit Trade Platform prices – BELARUS

The minimum selling prices for potatoes and maximum carrots have increased in Belarus.

EastFruit Trade Platform prices – TURKEY

In addition, participants from other countries declared the following prices. Bell pepper supplies from Kyrgyzstan were carried out at 12 rubles per kg. Peking cabbage sellers from Kazakhstan have reduced prices and asked for 27 rubles per kg last week. A kilogram of plums from Uzbekistan was sold for $ 0.25. Apples of the “Crimpson Crisp” variety supplied from Georgia to Russia were valued at $ 1.1. per kg.

The activity of the members of the EastFruit Fruittechnology technology group remained quite high last week. As in the previous week, most of all were offered seedlings of fruit and berry crops. In addition to traditional crops, you could buy garden cranberry and lingonberry seedlings. There was an offer of seedlings from Serbian producers. For vegetable growers, garlic seed and basil seeds were offered.

The participants offered various technological equipment and materials. On the trading platform, it was possible to purchase accessories for organizing irrigation systems, shading nets, agrospan, a film-layer for melons, a tractor garlic planter, a garlic crusher. Turnkey vertical farms were promoted. The berry farm was looking for an agronomist for growing raspberries.

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