There are regular price swings on the parsley market. Market Watch Week 29 2020

There are regular price swings on the parsley market. Market Watch Week 29 2020


Of all types of greens, price fluctuations were observed mainly in the parsley segment

Analysts of the EastFruit project, by the end of the reporting period, noted the stabilization of the price situation in the majority of analyzed types of greens in all countries of the project monitoring region. And the exception of the outgoing week was parsley, in the market of which multidirectional price trends were established.

This type of greens became cheaper by 22% and 24% in Russia and Tajikistan, respectively, due to a gradual increase in the supply of products on the market, provided that the demand for parsley in the above countries remained stable.

Moreover, according to project experts, by the end of the outgoing week, parsley market was dominated by upward price trends, which was caused by adverse weather conditions. During the reporting period, the supply of parsley was gradually decreasing in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia, which entailed a revision of the previously set prices by sellers upward, which ranged from 8% to 50%.

It was the last rise in price that once again brought Ukraine to the first place in the ranking of the countries of the region, where parsley was sold at the highest prices, on average $ 2.93 / kg.

Another traditional type of greenery is dill, throughout the reporting week, it was sold at previously established prices, and only in Russia, after a significant increase in prices a week earlier, sellers have slightly reduced prices, thereby maintaining the same sales rates of the available volumes of products.

As a result, the recent price fluctuations in the parsley segment and the stabilization of dill prices have led to the establishment of uniform price tags for these types of herbs in almost all countries of the monitoring region.

Prices on cilantroAs in the case of dill, in most of the countries in the monitoring region of the EastFruit project, they remained stable throughout the reporting period. And only in Ukraine, sellers raised the previously established prices by 10%, citing interruptions in the supply of new batches of cilantro to the market. And even in conditions of restrained demand, since the sales volumes of cilantro in Ukraine are much lower than for traditional types of greens, the latest price increase in this segment did not have a negative impact on trade activity.

As before, by the end of the outgoing week, the most expensive cilantro could be purchased on the markets of the Russian Federation and Belarus, where this type of greenery was sold in bulk at $ 5.45 / kg and $ 6.25 / kg, respectively. At the same time, prices for cilantro in Tajikistan continued to remain at the same level as parsley and dill, traditional for the entire region, and their average indicators by the end of the reporting week did not exceed $ 0.24 / kg.

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