The strawberry garden segment is gaining momentum – a review of the market for fresh berries for the 16th week of 2020.

The strawberry garden segment is gaining momentum – a review of the market for fresh berries for the 16th week of 2020.


Prices for strawberry garden rose slightly in the Russian Federation, Moldova and Poland, but collapsed in Ukraine and Central Asia

Wild strawberry

According to EastFruit, this week the strawberry season has been gaining momentum in almost all countries included in the regular monitoring of the project. Nevertheless, not everywhere this led to a further reduction in prices, since in some of them the supply of imported berries decreased due to quarantine measures taken by the government of the exporting countries, and the supply of local products was either insignificant or absent.

Strawberry prices as of April 17, 2020

The most active rates of falling prices were recorded in Ukrainewhere, due to the active start of the domestic berry season, they literally in a week from declarative $ 5.69-9.54 / kg at the end of the week fell by half to $ 2.94-4.41 / kg. Quite actively declining and prices for strawberry gardening in Central Asia, where the season was already in full swing. IN Tajikistan this berry could already be purchased at $ 0.98-2.15 / kg, and in Uzbekistan – at $ 1.28-2.47 / kg.

Meanwhile in Poland, Of Russia and Moldova strawberry garden has risen in price a little. In view of the continued reduction in the supply of berries produced in Spain, Polish traders again managed to raise prices to $ 2.40-4.32 / kg. In Russia, prices for imported strawberry garden (mainly Turkish production) reached $ 2.88-5.35 / kg. In Moldova, the production of Greece rose in price to an average of $ 4.51 / kg, and the prices for the first relatively large consignments of domestic products, due to active pre-holiday demand, reached $ 5.64 / kg.

Situation in Belarus, unlike other countries, has changed little, and prices for strawberry garden varied in the range of $ 2.44-2.85 / kg.

Other berries.

The imported blueberry segment has so far remained stable. In Poland, prices for this berry reached $ 13.45 / kg, in Russia amounted to $ 12.05-17.37 / kg, and in Ukraine there were at least $ 11.03 / kg,

At the same time, Ukrainian professional producers of blueberries, despite the difficulties of the quarantine regime and the expected overall decline in world trade in fruits and vegetables, were rather optimistic.

According to Taras Bashtannik, head of the Ukrainian Yagoda company, Ukrainian producers will even be in a better position compared to their European competitors, since quarantine measures in the EU are more stringent and, accordingly, labor shortages in these countries will be more perceptible. than in Ukraine.

Evgeny Harlan, director of development and strategy of the Nikdaria berry enterprise, shares a similar view of the prospects, declaring that he expects a more positive situation with the workforce this season.

Similar expectations are confirmed by statements by, for example, raspberry producers from Serbia. According to the Serbian Association of Raspberry and Blackberry Producers, about 20% of raspberry plantations will not have time to prepare for the harvest season due to a shortage of workers.

The main problems in the countries where the project was monitored will arise precisely for small farmers in connection with the decision to close the retail and some wholesale markets made by the governments of Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and other countries, which will strike both producers of berries and other seasonal products, as well as its consumers.

Recall that it was possible to learn in detail about the prospects of the already begun berry season during the International online conference “Berries and covid19: the impact on prices, production and trade”, which this week was based on the Zoom application. Conference recordings are available on the EastFruit YouTube channel.

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