The state will buy back $ 50 million worth of potato surplus from US farmers

The state will buy back $ 50 million worth of potato surplus from US farmers


US Department of Agriculture announces $ 50 million worth of potato surplus to support industry during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic

The National Potato Council welcomed the US Department of Agriculture statement on the purchase of surplus potatoes worth $ 50 million to support the industry during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. According to AgroXXI, the purchase of potatoes, the largest of all purchases of special crops, was part of government procurement of food products worth $ 470 million, announced by the US Department of Agriculture.

“This is very good news from the entire USDA team. Given the magnitude of the coronavirus crisis affecting the potato industry, this purchase is a partial initial contribution to the general needs of the industry in the form of assistance, and we hope for more. In the short term, this statement is very positive, as it gives clarity about the immediate efforts to support the state and gives family farmers hope for further assistance, ”said Britt Reybold, president of NPC (National Potato Council).

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“Because of the forced stops, the US potato industry is faced with an overabundance of potato left over from the 2019 harvest,” added NPC CEO Kam Quarles.

“Individual potato producers and state potato associations, despite their own financial losses, sent millions of pounds of potatoes to charitable organizations, food banks across the country. They supported the needy, although a pandemic threatens their own business. We urgently need Congress and the Trump administration to protect America’s family farms in the face of this crisis and we believe that today’s announcement is the first positive step on this long journey, ”Quarles said.

According to the announcement, the Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) will purchase a wide range of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and seafood. These products will then be provided to the US Department of Agriculture food assistance programs.


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