The price of high-quality carrots is growing in Russia

The price of high-quality carrots is growing in Russia


Stocks of quality carrots in farms are already noticeably depleted, which also supports prices

According to EastFruit project experts, since the middle of this week, many Russian farmers have begun to raise the price of quality carrots. The reason for the price increase, according to market players, was a noticeable increase in demand for high-quality carrots. At the same time, stocks of products on farms are already noticeably depleted, which also supports prices.

Most farms currently do not agree to sell carrots cheaper than 9-16 rubles / kg ($ 0.14-0.24 / kg), which is on average 9% more expensive than at the end of the last working week. The positive price trend in the carrot segment, according to experts, is due to the fact that most farms finish selling these products from non-equipped storages, and the sale of carrots from storages with RGSs will not begin until the end of March. Thus, a decrease in supply on the market against the background of fairly good demand has allowed farmers to increase carrot prices. Moreover, local manufacturers are confident that the price of these products will continue to grow further.

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Note that, despite the upward price trend in the market, at the moment, the price of carrots in Russia is on average 18% lower than at the beginning of March 2019. At the same time, rising prices for these root crops can drive producers to start mass selling carrots from all types of storages. Moreover, with an increase in average daily temperatures, the quality of this product continues to decline.


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