The potato market in Spain recorded a sharp increase in prices

The potato market in Spain recorded a sharp increase in prices


In Spain, red potato varieties have especially risen in price

In the Spanish province of Leon, there has been a sharp increase in prices for potatoes, especially for red varieties, which at the beginning of the season were the cheapest on the market.

It is reported by AgroTimes with reference to FreshPlaza.

Varieties “Red Scarlett” and “Jonah” rose in price from the initial 110 euros / ton to 170 euros / ton. Meanwhile, the Agria variety reached a price of 210 euros / ton, while Kennebec went up to 220 euros / ton.

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This increase is due to low domestic supply and a gradual increase in prices for imported products, given the fact that in the European countries producing potatoes, especially the UK, the autumn rains did not allow producers to harvest normally.

As EastFruit wrote earlier, from the end of December last year to the present, the demand for potatoes in Russia remains at a rather low level. At the same time, producers still do not have the opportunity to raise prices for these products, mainly because of the large stocks of potatoes in households. Market participants consider the reason for the low prices to be rather low rates of sales amid excess supply on the market, provoked by another increase in potato production in the country.


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