The most modern potato storage facility in Ukraine was put into operation in the Lviv region

In the Lviv region (Ukraine), the construction of one of the largest potato storage facilities in Ukraine has been completed. The potato storage complex was built for the Continental Farmers Group. The storage has an area of ​​6 thousand square meters and is designed for the simultaneous storage of 16 thousand tons of potatoes. The total investment in the large-scale project amounted to UAH 111.4 million, according to SEEDS.

The construction of the complex lasted for ten months. The possibility of creating special conditions (control of temperature, humidity and CO2 level) in the potato storage allows you to customize its operation for storing various varieties of potatoes. The tubers will be stored in bulk in six chambers, each of which can hold up to 2,650 tons of product. The shelf life of potatoes in the complex without a minimum loss of its quality is 10 months.

“State-of-the-art variable speed fans and an accurate computerized humidification system will help us prevent crop dehydration. In addition, we have equipped a unique ventilation floor equipped with forced pressure systems that evenly distribute air over the entire floor area. I would like to note that the combination of these technologies is used for the first time in Ukraine, and our new complex can rightfully be called the most modern, ”said Orest Kravchuk, head of the Potato cluster of the Continental Farmers Group.

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It should be noted that the direction of construction of modern storage facilities for potatoes, vegetables and fruits in Ukraine is gradually developing. Farmers are constantly investing in such objects. One of the incentives may be partial compensation for the construction of storage complexes and refrigerators from the state budget.

“Perhaps, there are still relatively few large storage facilities in Ukraine, but they do exist. For example, our company recently built a potato storage facility for 10 thousand tons in the Chernihiv region, and in the Ternopil region we equipped a storage facility even larger than the new Continental Farmers Group storage facility, – noted in a comment for SEEDS Oles Kapitanchuk, director of the Tolsma Technik company