The most expensive potatoes are offered in Ukraine, while carrots are offered in Moldova. Market Watch 35th Week of 2020

The most expensive potatoes are offered in Ukraine, while carrots are offered in Moldova. Market Watch 35th Week of 2020


Potatoes have risen in price in Poland and Georgia, and carrots have fallen in price in Tajikistan

According to East-Fruit, the list of leaders and outsiders in potato and carrot prices has not changed this week. The cheapest potatoes were still offered in Poland, although prices rose slightly there. Tajikistan only strengthened its position as a market with the most attractive prices for carrots for consumers. Meanwhile, the highest prices for potatoes were recorded in Ukraine, while the most expensive carrots were offered in Moldova.

Potato prices as of Aug 28, 2020

IN Poland prices at the end of this week slightly increased to $ 0.06-0.13 / kg, although the farmers described the situation as catastrophic in general. Harvesting of late potato varieties in Poland has not yet begun, and prices have already dropped to their lowest levels over the past decade. Prices for potatoes in Poland were lower only at the end of summer 2012, but the situation was then leveled off by the active export of these products to the Balkans. Prospects for supply to these markets are now dimmer, although potato crops in the Balkan countries have been hit by a drought this summer. At the same time, prices for carrots in Poland have remained stable so far, varying in the range of $ 0.21-0.35 / kg.

Another country where potatoes have risen in price is Georgia… Here the average price for these products slightly increased to $ 0.23 / kg, although there were still quite large batches of low quality potatoes on the market, offered, as in the previous week, from $ 0.16 / kg. Meanwhile, the price range for carrots in the Georgian market at the end of the reporting period was $ 0.20-0.26 / kg.

Carrot prices as of Aug 28, 2020

In other countries from the European monitoring region of EastFruit, the potato and carrot market did not show significant changes, and the decline in prices in Belarus was associated only with the situation in the country’s foreign exchange market (prices in US dollars decreased, but remained stable in Belarusian rubles).

Potatoes in Belarus was offered at $ 0.15-0.21 / kg, and carrots at $ 0.26-0.34 / kg. IN Of Russia and Ukraine farmers were willing to sell potatoes at $ 0.12-0.20 / kg and $ 0.20-0.25 / kg, respectively. Meanwhile, on the Ukrainian carrot market, prices remained stable ($ 0.16-0.25 / kg), while in Russia a slight decrease was recorded only within the minimum price range ($ 0.19-0.27 / kg).

IN Moldova also sellers of potatoes and carrots practically did not revise their prices ($ 0.21-0.24 / kg and $ 0.36-0.42 / kg, respectively), and in Tajikistan prices for the latter dropped slightly to an average of $ 0.14 / kg. Potatoes on the Tajik market were still offered on average at $ 0.21 / kg, although the minimum prices for low-quality products here rose to $ 0.19 / kg.

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