The mood of producers of potatoes, borscht vegetables and apples in Ukraine for the new season

The mood of producers of potatoes, borscht vegetables and apples in Ukraine for the new season


During the online webinar, participants will discuss the prospects of fruit and vegetable production in the new season

At the moment, producers of borscht vegetables, potatoes and apples in Ukraine can tell you exactly how much area for a particular crop they have used this year. The plans for the final harvest, in most cases, are reported with restraint, as already today they feel the effect of adverse weather factors that kept the entire agricultural sector in tension throughout this spring. Also, there is no clear understanding of monetary stability, the economic and geopolitical situation, not so much for the future, but even for the next two or three summer months.

What events of this year can already be noted as having a direct impact on the fruit and vegetable industry of Ukraine?

In March, to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Ukraine, a number of restrictions were introduced, which, in turn, was justified on the one hand, and on the other, during March-May of this year, a lot of difficulties arose with the sale of fruits and vegetables at wholesale and retail markets. The only uninterrupted channel of trade was supermarkets, which, even increasing the share of trade in fruits and vegetables, could operate from 15%, maximum 20% of the total supply. In addition, Ukrainian retail only cooperates with legal entities, which is why small farmers and private traders were left out of the game.

In April of this year, the first wave of spring frost was recorded, and the main blow was taken by such crops as cherries, apricots, peaches, strawberries and, to a lesser extent, apples.

In May, the frost repeated several times, and the last wave was recorded immediately before the arrival of summer. This time, the apple suffered much more severely, but practically no one called the next extreme temperature changes.

Early cherries suffered as much as possible from low temperatures: according to preliminary data, from 80% to 90% of the expected yield died.

Also, May 2020 turned out to be very generous with heavy, and sometimes long, precipitation. First of all, the remnants of the early varieties of cherries, which have already gone on sale, have finally lost in quality, and the late varieties of berries, whose yield was planned at a higher level, will no longer be distinguished by high quality indicators.

Before the final harvest of fruits and vegetables, at least another 5 months remain. What else will the weather bring, what will the hryvnia rate be, what will happen to the economic situation, etc.? What can be said for sure is that each of the above factors can significantly adjust the expected yield of fruits and vegetables in 2020.

Moreover, it is based on the planning of producers that the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project has been conducting a comprehensive study “Forecasting Production and Prices for Fruit and Vegetable Products in Ukraine” for more than 10 years, which presents prospects for fruit and vegetable production in the new season, as well as possible price benchmarks at the end of the season, taking into account one or several factors listed above.

Previously, project analysts have already announced the results of a survey for each of the six cultures included in the study. To summarize the final results and sound the corrected data, next Thursday, June 4 at 13:00 a webinar will be held on the topic: “Prospects for fruit and vegetable production in Ukraine in the season 2020/21”. Participation is free, but seats are limited.

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