The main apple exporter in the United States increases one and a half times the budget for advertising its apple

The main apple exporter in the United States increases one and a half times the budget for advertising its apple


Additional advertising funding will enable WAC to expand business in markets such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

President of the Washington Apple Commission (WAC) Todd Fryhover seriously aims to significantly increase the export of American apples. He confirms the seriousness of his intentions by increasing the budget for export promotion this year and a half times – from $ 8 to 12 million.

According to EastFruit, up to 70% of the entire US apple is grown in Washington State, and WAC is the largest industry association uniting producers in the region and enjoying strong support from the State of Washington, including and for breeding new varieties of apple.

Speaking in the latest issue of the Fruitnet series of interviews called Fruitbox, Todd Fryover predicted that in 2020 local gardeners will increase the production of new varieties and will also focus on a number of the most promising international markets.

The fast-moving take-off of the new Cosmic Crisp apple variety, which Washington state apple producers have high hopes for, helps bring these ambitions to life. It is expected that by August 2020 its crop will exceed 2 million bushels (which corresponds to 36,000 tons), and in five years this figure should reach 16.4 million bushels (approximately 295,200 tons).

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“It’s a really exciting time to work in the industry,” he says. “We track ten major varieties here by volume, and we have a report called“ Report on other varieties, ”which includes 57 different varieties. Of these, 27 are patented varieties. As you can see, there is a huge diversification of business in our industry now. ”

The famous Red Delicious, along with its clones, can still hold the flagship product in the Washington state apple basket, but from this season the variety is no longer the largest in terms of production. In fact, the volume of production of Red Delicious apples has declined by a third in the last decade. “This season, the Gala apple variety is the number one variety,” adds Friover, “In 2012, we saw that Gala became the number one variety on the US domestic market in terms of sales, but Gala’s overall production exceeded Red Delicious only this season. ”

With additional advertising funding and forecasts that the situation will return to normal after the coronavirus crisis, WAC hopes to expand its business in markets such as China, Vietnam and Indonesia over the coming years. “We have been focusing on Southeast Asia for the past seven or eight seasons because we feel that it is here that the expected income will increase, and where consumers look at apples as exotic, and not like we used to think of apples as everyday product, ”continues Friover.

But in the past 18 months, American apple exporters have faced great difficulties due to trade disputes between the United States and major international partners such as Mexico and India. “This is all a coronavirus factor plus a tense market situation,” he admits. “It would be very easy to back down, but we are not going to do it. “We decided to increase our export promotion support by 50% and concentrate it in those places where we see value-added markets for Washington state gardeners.”

Recall that with a forecast of the development of the situation in the global apple market, as well as in the markets of Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the full video conference “Apple forecasts” is possible.


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