The list of exporters of fruits and vegetables from Moldova is almost tripled

The list of exporters of fruits and vegetables from Moldova is almost tripled


Given the previously existing list of authorized Moldovan exporters, their total number increased to 334

At a press conference, Ion Pergu, Minister of Agriculture, Regional Development and the Environment, MADRM, said that the Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance Service (Rosselkhoznadzor) approved an additional list of 205 companies authorized to export fruit products to the Russian market. As a result, taking into account the previous list of authorized Moldovan exporters, their total number increased to 334.

The list of authorized exporters was increased according to the results of a series of inspection missions of the Rosselkhoznadzor in the Republic of Moldova, during which the department’s specialists checked more than 500 Moldovan agricultural enterprises for compliance with the stated requirements. The main evaluation criterion is the presence in the farm of its own well-kept gardens, as well as optionally – post-harvest infrastructure. The main purpose of such authorization of agricultural exporters is to exclude re-export of sanctioned products from the countries of the European Union and Ukraine.

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During inspections, representatives of the Rosselkhoznadzor screened out more than half of the enterprises applying for inclusion in the additional list of exporters, because they did not have plantations of the proper level and, accordingly, export volumes of fairly high-quality products. Of the 205 companies selected, about 60 have a full-cycle production and logistics base: gardens, sorting and packaging lines, refrigerators, special vehicles. The rest are gardeners using the services of owners of post-harvest infrastructure.

The chairman of the Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Moldova Fruct, Vitali Gorincioi, who participated in the ministerial press conference, noted that the inclusion in the list of authorized exporters will contribute to increasing the income of farmers. Earlier, “non-listed” agricultural enterprises were forced to sell their products to authorized fruit exporters in the Russian Federation on the domestic market of Moldova. Accordingly, they did not receive VAT refunds (as exporters) and, moreover, they paid “margin to the intermediary”. Now, “direct exporters” from the additional list will have the opportunity to optimize tax payments and increase sales prices. As a result, it is likely that for them the attractiveness of fruit exports to the Russian market will increase.

According to the data of the National Food Safety Agency ANSA, in 2019, 253 thousand tons of apples, 37 thousand tons of plums, 8 thousand tons of sweet cherries and 2.6 thousand tons of cherries, 4.3 thousand tons were exported from Moldova to the Russian Federation apricot, more than 1 thousand tons of peach.


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