The Golden Delicious apple was in greatest demand – market review for the 5th week of 2020.

The Golden Delicious apple was in greatest demand – market review for the 5th week of 2020.


The pace of apple trade declined in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and increased – in Moldova

If we analyze the development of the situation on the apple market over the past week in the countries of the EastFruit project monitoring region, we can establish the establishment of multidirectional price trends. According to experts, the development of the situation on the apple market was mainly influenced by the volume of bulk batches of high-quality apple, varietal composition of the products offered, and quality, and it was with the latter that the main producers in the region were increasingly experiencing problems.

Apple price performance as of Jan 31, 2020

Immediately it is worth noting Poland, where sellers by the end of the reporting period once again tried to revise selling prices for quality apples upward. But as a result, it succeeded exclusively in the Golden Delicious segment of the variety, which added almost 10% in price to the previous period. Contributed to this increased demand for this apple from outside buyers.

In Ukraine, where the latest attempts by producers to raise maximum prices for bulk apples led to a slowdown in trade, prices in the outgoing week began to gradually sag. And unsatisfactory quality indicators of the offered products during the reporting week provided additional support to negative price trends in Ukraine.

Project specialists recorded a slight reduction in the price of apples on the Russian market, where a week earlier market operators noted a low demand from buyers.

Over the past week, sellers in Belarus also resorted to lower prices, thereby trying to increase the pace of sales of existing batches of apples, but at the same time these steps could not be called drastic, since previously set prices did not decrease by more than 6%.

Apple prices as of Jan 31, 2020

At the same time, in a number of countries in the monitoring region, EastFruit analysts recorded the establishment of price growth trends for quality apples, but market participants noted that the reasons for such pricing were different for each country.

So, by the end of the reporting period, sellers in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan were able to increase, on average, by 10%, the previously established maximum prices for several varieties of apples, in particular, the Gala variety, due to the fact that the supply of these apples on the market decreased significantly. And even though buyers in the above countries continued to give preference to a more affordable local apple with low quality indicators, it was the reduction in the supply of quality products that made it possible to increase the maximum prices in this segment.

The leader of the past week, in terms of activity of rising prices for quality apples, was Moldova. In this country, according to market operators, all major apple varieties were gradually getting more expensive, and if most of them added about 10% to the previous week, then in the Gala segment, prices rose by more than 20%. Market operators attributed this to the growth of export activity in the presence of the required volumes of apples of the appropriate variety and quality.

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