The company “Vitamins of Tajikistan” is ready to support local greenhouses with technologies and seeds

The company “Vitamins of Tajikistan” is ready to support local greenhouses with technologies and seeds


With a small volume of greenhouse products, Tajik farmers cannot enter the international market

This year, in 272 greenhouses of various types in the Sughd region, specializing in growing tomatoes and covering a total area of ​​16.4 hectares, a total of 623 tons of tomatoes were harvested. The yield was only about 38 centners per hectare.

“Such productivity of greenhouses today cannot suit either the farmers themselves or the heads of the agricultural sector of cities and regions,” says Saidmurod Davlatov, founder of Vitamins of Tajikistan LLC. – In countries that use modern technologies and innovative greenhouses, they produce tens of times more tomatoes per conditional hectare, while some of our farmers cannot even cover their costs and either lease the greenhouses or close them altogether.

Saidmurod Davlatov acted as an investor in the construction of a modern greenhouse using Turkish technologies in the Spitamen region on an area of ​​1 hectare. It was put into operation in 2019, and during the season 110 tons of quality products were collected from 30 thousand tomato bushes.

As the specialist noted, the first season was experimental, farmers used seedlings of four greenhouse varieties of tomatoes. Each of them performed differently under the same conditions. Two varieties were chosen – “Attia” and “Pink Paradise”, which showed the best results. The company will use these varieties of tomatoes in the future.

In the photo: Saidmurod Davlatov

“One of the problems of farmers involved in greenhouse production in Tajikistan is their disunity,” said S. Davlatov. “Many small greenhouses are on the balance sheet of small farms and people who are poorly aware of innovative technologies for the production of greenhouse products work in them, farmers are unable to purchase highly productive seeds of greenhouse vegetables, suitable mineral fertilizers, and plantation processing equipment.”

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According to the head, with a small volume of production, Tajik farmers cannot enter the international market.

“Even we,” Saidmurod admits, “were forced to sell our products only in Tajikistan. And if at first the tomatoes were sold at 20 somoni per 1 kg, then due to the oversaturation of the market and the ripening of tomatoes in the open field, we had to sell our products even at 0.5 somoni per 1 kg.

Saidmurod Davlatov is convinced that the fruit and vegetable industry in the republic can be highly profitable and bring high incomes to farmers, but the industry should develop intensively and use the latest technologies. The founder of Vitamins of Tajikistan LLC spoke about the company’s plans – here they intend to expand the area of ​​greenhouses, create a wholesale distribution center and unite around it all interested producers of fruit and vegetable products of the region and the republic.

At a seminar on improving the economic efficiency and export potential of greenhouse products held in Spitamen district, Saidmurod Davlatov spoke about the opportunities that Vitamins of Tajikistan is ready to provide to farmers who want to cooperate with the company.

“To achieve success on the international market, we need to unite and move from internal competition to cooperation,” S. Davlatov urges farmers. – We are ready to share with our partners high-yielding varieties of seeds and seedlings, mineral fertilizers. Specialists and industry experts from Ukraine and other European countries will help Tajik farmers introduce modern technologies and innovative approaches to growing fruits and vegetables. Our wholesale distribution center will help farmers with the necessary equipment, equipment up to the supply of modern greenhouse models and guaranteed to ensure the export of high-quality products that meet high standards.

Photo: seminar participants

A similar wholesale and logistics center, organized with the participation of Saidmurod Davlatov, is already functioning in the Asht region. It is from there that most of the fresh and dried apricots were shipped for export this year.

Currently, there are 448 greenhouses of various types in the Sughd region. They cover a total area of ​​40.9 hectares. This year, vegetables were sown on 25.6 hectares, of which 16.4 hectares were allocated for tomatoes, cucumbers are grown on 3.7 hectares and other crops are grown on 5.5 hectares. Almost 10 hectares of greenhouses are occupied by citrus fruits and various flowers are grown on 4 hectares. This year, the area under crops in the region’s greenhouses has increased by 5.4 hectares compared to last year. According to the information of the Department of Agriculture of the region, as of July 1, only 906 tons of vegetables were harvested in the region’s greenhouses, including 623 tons of tomatoes and 111.5 tons of cucumbers.


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