The company “Dykanskiye Yagody” (Ukraine) successfully exports organic raspberries

The company “Dykanskiye Yagody” (Ukraine) successfully exports organic raspberries


The company shipped a 300 kg shipment of fresh raspberries to Dubai last week.

The largest raspberry plant in the Poltava region, which has been growing for 4 years in the village of Ordanovka, Dikan region, does not know “chemistry” at all. They do not use either mineral fertilizers or plant protection products – the products of Dikanskiye Yagody LLC already have a quality certificate from the Organic Standard Certification Company. Writes about this SEEDS according to information umoloda.

“This is a very promising business,” says one of the co-founders of the society, Roman Tsinchenko.

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“We are investing in the raspberry tree to the maximum. We carry out about 15 different treatments – spraying with biological preparations, plant protection products based on bacteria.

Every year we sow mustard between rows – these green manures are more productive than the same organic matter of animal origin. In addition, the roots of mustard secrete alkaloids that repel beetles, beetles and other soil pests.

Next, we use wood ash: in the spring we fertilize raspberry bushes with it, and then dilute the ashes in a barrel of water, which we supply to each plant during drip irrigation. And that is not all. We mow weeds, grass in a raspberry bush and ferment in a barrel of water, and then pour this infusion. Many people do it at their dachas, but in industrial production this is rarely seen, ”says the entrepreneur.

“In addition to everything, there is a line of organic fertilizers, including for foliar feeding: both Ukrainian and foreign. Their prices bite, but we still buy and use them. All this is really very troublesome, ”admits Roman Tsinchenko.

Fresh raspberries, says Roman, are charged by intermediaries for a song. For example, the year before last in Poltava it was possible to hand over it at a maximum of 20 hryvnia per kilogram, and the businessman sold his berries to the Dutch at 82 hryvnia per kilogram.

“This year we want to organize the supply of our raspberries to the Germans. I can also boast that last week we sent a 300-kilogram shipment of fresh raspberries to Dubai – the largest city in the United Arab Emirates in terms of area and population, ”the entrepreneur adds.


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