The absolute record for the price of ginger recorded in the Crimea!

The absolute record for the price of ginger recorded in the Crimea!


It’s extremely difficult to buy ginger right now – regardless of price, it’s quickly sold out.

The phenomenon of a sharp rise in retail prices for ginger is actively discussed in social networks of both Ukraine and Russia. Moreover, the price range is simply amazing. Supermarket visitors share photos of price tags photographed on shelves, and they fluctuate even 10 times, depending on the region.

However, a record high price for ginger was recorded in the Crimea, in the city of Sevastopol. Here in the store, the management decided to try to sell this product at 5020 rubles / kg, which corresponds to approximately $ 69 per kg.

In Kiev, retail prices for ginger also fluctuate in a wide range – from 250 UAH / kg (about $ 9) to almost $ 30 per kg. Many consumers complain that it is extremely difficult to buy ginger now – regardless of price, it is quickly sold out.

It turns out that many consumers believe that the consumption of tea with ginger helps to strengthen the immune system, so they try to protect themselves from the coronavirus pandemic in this way. In addition to ginger, increased demand was also noted for lemons, garlic and onions, the consumption of which also increased sharply.

At the same time, EastFruit analysts warn of a high likelihood of a drop in ginger prices in the near future and problems with its sale by those wholesalers who made large stocks. The fact is that high prices for the product, which was usually not sold very well, attracted many intermediaries to this segment of the business, which sharply increased imports of ginger. The largest trading platform Telegram-platform EastFruit Trade Platform and did report that the number of offers of ginger exceeded the number of offers of potatoes last week!

Accordingly, large lots of ginger have been delivered to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus in recent days, and many more are on the way. At the same time, an increase in average daily temperatures in April traditionally leads to a decrease in tea consumption, where ginger is usually used. Therefore, amid growing supply, demand for ginger may decrease, and it will be difficult to sell it. Therefore, EastFruit experts do not rule out that wholesalers may suffer losses and will be forced to sell ginger leftovers at bargain prices.


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