Tajikistan needs 150 thousand tons of seed potatoes per year

Tajikistan needs 150 thousand tons of seed potatoes per year


According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Tajikistan needs 150 thousand tons of seed potatoes annually. However, seed production for local varieties is completely inadequate.

Seed production for local varieties is not sufficient to create an offer on the local seed potato market. One of the important reasons for the low yield of potato production in Tajikistan is the poor quality of the seed material or the use of seed material of European varieties that do not meet local conditions. Often used bad seed material for many years of reproduction or bad seed material that has not been certified. Farmers have low access to elite seeds.

Potato is an imported crop in Tajikistan. In the period of the USSR, Tajikistan was a cotton country, and seeds from the Russian Federation were imported for growing potatoes. After the collapse of the USSR, these supplies of Russian seeds were discontinued. Farmers were dependent on expensive imported potato seeds. In recent years, seeds from Europe have replaced the old local varieties, but they are not resistant.

In recent years, active selective work has been carried out in the republic. Part of the selective work was carried out jointly with the international potato center CIP, with the support of projects of the FAO, EU, German Agroaction. These projects were implemented through the NGO Tukhmparvar, the Institute of Horticulture Bogparvar, as well as other institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In the course of scientific work in recent years, local varieties and their many years of testing have been created.

From the results of scientific work it is clear that 5 local varieties of potatoes have an average of 12% to 30% higher yields and, accordingly, are more profitable in growing.

In the mountainous zone, when planting potatoes at the beginning and in the middle of May, the yield is 65.6% and 42.4% higher, and the starch content in tubers is 1.1-2.0% higher than when planting at the beginning and in mid-June.

In the conditions of the mountainous zone of Tajikistan, it is recommended to cultivate new zoned potato varieties – Zarina, Dusti and Fayzabad, as well as promising varieties Tajikistan and Rasht, which yield significantly (21-30%) higher than the standard zoned cultivar Cardinal.

Tajikistan can serve as a platform for its own breeding developments, as well as import of elite varieties in order to create its own seed fund.

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