Tajikistan is the new leader in potato prices, and carrots have risen in price in Belarus – market overview for the 9th week of 2020.

Tajikistan is the new leader in potato prices, and carrots have risen in price in Belarus – market overview for the 9th week of 2020.


Potatoes fell in price in Moldova, and Tajikistan took the lead in prices. Carrots rose in price in Belarus


Potato prices as of Feb 28, 2020

According to East-Fruit, this week the leaders in potato prices came out Tajikistan, where the price range increased by 13-18% due to the limited supply of domestic products and a decrease in potato imports from Pakistan due to bad weather. At the end of the week, sellers in the Tajik market were able to sell potatoes at prices up to $ 0.34 / kg.

Meanwhile in Ukraine and Georgia the situation has changed little, and prices remained in the range of $ 0.22-0.31 / kg and $ 0.25-0.36 / kg, respectively. At the same time, traders have already begun to offer new crop products in the Georgian market. So far, the supply of early potatoes has been rather limited, with prices averaging $ 1.78 / kg.

IN Moldova the prices for potatoes fell slightly to $ 0.24-0.28 / kg under the pressure of inactive demand for these products. At the same time, the Moldovan market still had rather significant volumes of potatoes imported from the Russian Federation, which only exacerbated the situation.

Less significantly the potato fell in price Poland, where at the end of the week domestic products could be purchased at $ 0.17-0.30 / kg. However, Polish traders have not yet adjusted prices and offered potatoes imported from the Netherlands or Belgium at $ 0.25-0.33 / kg.

Similarly, prices in Belarus and Uzbekistan, remaining between $ 0.18-0.22 / kg and $ 0.23-0.28 / kg, respectively. At the same time in Of Russia potatoes fell again amid growing supply of low quality products and lower demand. At the end of the week, the average price in the Russian market fell to $ 0.15 / kg.


Carrot prices as of Feb 28, 2020

In the carrot market this week, it is worth noting the increase in prices in Of Russia, Poland and Belarus. At the same time, if in the first two countries products increased by only a few dollar cents, in Belarus prices for the week soared by 23-32%. As a result, at the end of the reporting period, the price range in the carrot segment on the Belarusian market amounted to $ 0.18-0.22 / kg, while in Poland and the Russian Federation it was slightly wider: $ 0.15-0.25 / kg and $ 0.12- 0.23 / kg, respectively.

The highest prices were still fixed at Georgia and Moldova (on average $ 0.36 / kg and $ 0.28 / kg, respectively), and the lowest – at Tajikistan and Uzbekistan: $ 0.07-0.09 / kg The cheapest carrots in the European region of monitoring East-Fruit, as before, were offered in Ukraine: $ 0.10-0.14 / kg

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