Sweet cherry, apricot, peach and plum fell in price again. Stone fruit market overview for the 24th week of 2020

Sweet cherry, apricot, peach and plum fell in price again. Stone fruit market overview for the 24th week of 2020


The prices for stone fruits, with rare exceptions, were again falling. In Ukraine and Moldova, the cherry season began

According to EastFruit, in the current week, stone fruit prices were again revised downward in most cases. Nevertheless, there were exceptions. So, in Tajikistan, cherry has risen in price, and in Ukraine – peach. Producers from the latter also announced the start of the cherry season. Cherry picking began this week in Moldova.


Sweet cherries in most countries monitoring the project continued to get cheaper.

Cherry prices as of June 12, 2020

The lowest prices for these products were recorded in Moldova. Here at the end of the week, local sweet cherries of large calibers were offered at $ 1.16-1.63 / kg, and fruits with caliber up to 26 mm were sold from $ 0.87 / kg. Nevertheless, export-quality cherries prices could reach $ 2.28 / kg, although export deliveries themselves have so far been relatively inactive.

Meanwhile, the most significant rate of price decline for the current week was observed in Georgia. In the Georgian market, cherries managed to fall in price by 18-32%, and prices already reached $ 1.65-1.81 for large-caliber products and $ 0.82-1.15 / kg for small-caliber fruits.

Cherry has fallen in price on the market Belaruswhere the highest prices have so far been offered to consumers from all countries included in the regular monitoring of the project. At the end of the week, cherries here could be purchased at $ 3.33-4.07 / kg (caliber over 26 mm) and $ 2.22-2.96 / kg (caliber up to 26 mm).

An ambiguous situation developed in Poland. By the middle of the week, local producers managed to raise prices for cherries, and they reached $ 4.56 / kg in their maximum limits. Nevertheless, at the end of the reporting period, prices fell again to $ 2.04-3.06 / kg.

AT Of Russia cherries also fell in price over the week. Local farmers here reduced prices to $ 1.74-2.89 / kg, and importers adjusted prices for products from Turkey and Uzbekistan to $ 3.62-4.34 / kg. In the very same Uzbekistan export quality cherries, as before, were offered at $ 1.48-2.17 / kg.

AT Ukraine prices for local products also did not change, remaining in the range of $ 1.50-2.26 / kg, and in Tajikistan cherries went up to $ 1.65-2.14 / kg.


Apricot prices have declined in most countries except Russia.

Apricot prices as of June 12, 2020

At the end of this week, the most expensive apricot was offered in the markets. Of Russia, Of Ukraine and Of Poland. In Russia, prices remained in the range of $ 2.17-2.94 / kg, while in the Ukrainian and Polish markets they fell to $ 1.88-2.56 / kg and $ 1.79-2.55 / kg, respectively.

Apricot in a little cheaper Belarus, Moldova and Georgia: $ 1.48-1.85 / kg, $ 1.16-1.74 / kg and $ 0.66-1.48 / kg, respectively.

Significantly lower prices, as before, were observed in the countries of Central Asia: $ 0.25-0.34 / kg per Uzbekistan and $ 0.24-0.39 / kg in Tajikistan.


Exceptional countries on the peach market were Ukraine and Russia.

Peach prices as of June 12, 2020

So in Ukraine peach prices rose to $ 2.07-2.26 / kg, while in Of Russia remained in the range of $ 1.39-2.18 / kg. In all other markets, peach, like other stone fruit categories, declined in price.

At the end of the reporting period, market participants Belarus and Of Poland offered peach at $ 1.67-1.85 / kg and $ 1.28-2.04 / kg, respectively. AT Georgia this product could be purchased at $ 0.82-1.65 / kg, and in Moldova prices fell to $ 1.16-1.74 / kg.

The most significant rates of cheaper peach were observed in the countries of Central Asia. Here, prices for the week fell several times to $ 0.39-0.59 / kg and $ 0.29-0.68 / kg in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, respectively.


In the plum segment, negative price dynamics were also observed, although in Poland the situation with prices for the week remained practically unchanged.

Plum prices as of June 12, 2020

At the end of the week, plum sellers in Poland asked for their products from $ 2.55 / kg to $ 3.32 / kg. Meanwhile in Of Russia and Ukraine prices fell to $ 2.26-4.20 / kg and $ 2.07-2.44 / kg, respectively.

The first large consignments of plums in Belarus offered an average of $ 2.59 / kg, and in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan prices fell to $ 0.19-0.30 / kg.


This week, producers from Of Ukraine and Of Moldova. On the Moldovan market, the average price for the first lots was $ 1.16 / kg, while in Ukraine prices were slightly higher, varying between $ 2.63-3.01 / kg.

Meanwhile in Georgia and Tajikistan, where the cherry season began a week ago, these products fell somewhat to $ 0.99-1.15 / kg and $ 0.33-0.39 / kg, respectively.

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