Super-intensive vineyards and orchards are laying in Samgar (Tajikistan)

Super-intensive vineyards and orchards are laying in Samgar (Tajikistan)


Super-intensive vineyard company “Bars” broke on 6 hectares of land

Specialists of the diversified manufacturing company Bars began planting a super-intensive vineyard on six hectares of land in Samgar Bobodzhon, Gafurovsky district. For this, the company acquired two-three-year-old seedlings of the Sogdiana variety in the Bukhara region of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Uzbek scientists not only grew grape seedlings by order of their Tajik colleagues, but also help them to plant them correctly, trained gardeners to properly care for them.

In addition to the new vineyard, the specialists of the Bars company break up super-intensive pear orchards on 5 hectares in Samgar, apple on 2 hectares, and cherry on 1.2 hectares. Seedlings for all these gardens are acquired abroad. For example, sweet cherry seedlings were imported from Canada. Tajik gardeners are planning in the near future to receive up to 12 tons of quality products from 1 hectare of super-intensive garden.

Bars also completed the construction of an innovative hydroponic greenhouse based on South Korean technology. It covers an area of ​​2 hectares, is one of the most modern in the region, and tomatoes and cucumbers are already successfully growing here.

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According to the head of Bars, Mirzobakhtier Mirzobahodurov, the greenhouse was built with the help of the Meng Seng company from South Korea, which has been successfully developing innovative technologies in the fruit and vegetable sector of Uzbekistan for more than 10 years. They have the first experience in building an innovative hydroponic greenhouse in Tajikistan. M. Mirzobakhodurov added that all fruit and vegetable products grown in the Bars greenhouse and gardens will be of export quality.

The company also plans in the near future to begin construction next to its gardens and the greenhouse of a refrigeration room.

In 2019, the Bars company, together with its Russian partners, began to bring Tajik honey to the European and world markets.


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