Sufficient moisture in the soil is required to grow sweet corn – specialist

Sufficient moisture in the soil is required to grow sweet corn – specialist


There are no drought-tolerant sweet corn hybrids

During a time of total and unexpected drought for the south of Ukraine, most farmers began to look for drought-resistant crop varieties. However, these are not found among sweet corn hybrids, SEEDS writes.

Geneticist, co-owner of VNIS company Myroslav Pariy told about this during the online conference “Sweet corn – a profitable niche for Ukrainian agribusiness”, which was organized by the agromedia agency

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“The plant has its own properties and characteristics. And it is impossible to create a cactus from corn. That is, talking about drought tolerance for sweet corn is not a subject of conversation. Focus on the fact that there will be a lack of moisture if we are talking about growing sweet corn for marketable head of cabbage, canning, freezing … it is better not to do this.

If you hear somewhere that someone has more or less drought tolerant hybrids or varieties, do not pay attention to it. Because you do not know what the border of the drought will be. Again, corn is not a cactus. A drought may start that will kill any hybrids, and you will not get a crop, ”explained Miroslav Pariy.

“We have experience in growing (maize) in extremely difficult dry conditions. It happened – it was not planned. We decided to try and grow the hybrid to what it is capable of.

He fought for life – the height of the plants was no more than half a meter. He tied the cobs, small ones – up to 12 centimeters. This is not a marketable ear, this is not a marketable crop, ”said Iya Resler, head of the vegetable growing department of the All-Ukrainian Scientific Institute of Breeding (VNIS).

“But corn has proven that it can grow cobs against the weather. But this is not something to strive for.

If you do not count on watering from God, or watering from the system that you have installed, then in arid conditions, and this is not only the south of Ukraine, you should not invest in expensive cultivation, ”added Iya Resler.


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