Strawberry garden rises in price, blueberries and blackberries become cheaper. Market Watch Week 29 2020

Strawberry garden rises in price, blueberries and blackberries become cheaper. Market Watch Week 29 2020


The main season of garden strawberries was coming to an end, and prices for this berry were growing everywhere. By contrast, the blueberry and blackberry season was in full swing and prices fell.

Garden strawberry

According to EastFruit, this week the season of the main varieties of garden strawberries was drawing to a close in most of the countries that are regularly monitored by the project, and it was this factor that was the main pricing factor in these markets.

Strawberry prices as of July 17, 2020

Thus, the highest prices for garden strawberries were still recorded in Of Russia, where the local berry also rose in price by an average of 18% to $ 2.81-4.21 / kg. In turn, Russian wholesale companies offered imported garden strawberries at $ 3.93-4.91 / kg, and the countries of origin in this case included Serbia and Azerbaijan.

Similarly, at the end of the season, prices for garden strawberries in Moldova, Ukraine and Poland. In the first, producers managed to sell their berries at $ 2.05-2.34 / kg, while their Ukrainian colleagues raised prices to $ 1.83-2.57 / kg. In Poland, garden strawberries rose in price to $ 1.27-2.03 / kg, and the main price increase was in the segment of quality products offered at prices above average.

The prices for garden strawberries have also increased in Tajikistan, and quite significantly. The supply of this berry in the Tajik market dropped to a minimum, and in some places prices reached $ 1.94 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Georgia frequent complaints about the quality of strawberry gardeners forced sellers to lower prices despite a significant reduction in its supply. At the end of the week, prices in Georgia ranged between $ 0.98-2.12 / kg.

IN Belarus the situation remained stable, and garden strawberries, as before, were offered at $ 0.83-1.67 / kg.


The blueberry season, on the contrary, only continued to gain momentum, while prices in the main producing countries fell again.

Blueberry prices as of July 17, 2020

So, in Poland at the end of the week, blueberry prices fell by an average of one third to $ 3.80-5.07 / kg. IN Ukraine cheapening rates were less significant, but even here prices fell to $ 5.87-6.97 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Belarus the market was already completely dominated by local products, which in most cases were offered uncalibrated and in bulk at prices ranging from $ 7.08-7.50 / kg.

IN Georgia but the prices for blueberries, on the contrary, rose slightly to $ 3.26-3.91 / kg, since the season of this berry here started earlier and has already passed its peak, respectively, the supply of products was reduced.

As for the countries that are more import-oriented for blueberries, in Moldova and Of Russia the situation has practically not changed over the week. In the first, this berry, as before, was offered at $ 9.96-10.55 / kg, and on the Russian market prices varied within $ 9.97-10.67.


Raspberries fell in price only in two countries of EastFruit monitoring over the week

Raspberry prices as of July 17, 2020

So, in Of Russia prices fell to $ 2.81-4.49 / kg, and in Poland fell to $ 1.78-3.04 / kg. In other markets, the raspberry segment was more stable. IN Ukraine the average price of raspberries remained at the level of $ 2.57 / kg, although low-quality berry per week dropped significantly and was already offered at $ 1.47 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Moldova and Georgia raspberries were still on average offered at $ 2.34 and $ 1.96 / kg, respectively, and Belarus the first large batches of this berry were sold at $ 3.75 / kg. IN Tajikistan the prices for the current week even rose slightly to $ 1.07-1.26 / kg.


The average price of blackberries dipped slightly in the three countries where the project was monitored.

Blackberry prices as of July 17, 2020

IN Ukraine this berry was already offered on average at $ 2.57 / kg, and in Moldova – at $ 2.05-2.64 / kg. IN Georgia the price range has slightly widened: substandard berries dropped in price to $ 0.82 / kg, while high quality products rose to $ 2.12 / kg.

Meanwhile, in Tajikistan blackberry sellers still offered this berry at an average of $ 1.26 / kg.


The situation in the currant segment continued to be unstable.

At the same time, the most significant changes in the market were recorded in Poland. Here, blackcurrant rose in price to $ 1.52-2.28 / kg, and red berry, on the contrary, fell somewhat in price to $ 1.01-1.52 / kg.

Redcurrant prices as of July 17, 2020

Note that in Ukraine both categories of currants went up in price, and the main growth fell on average and maximum prices. At the end of the week, red and black currants were offered on the Ukrainian market at $ 1.28-1.83 / kg and $ 1.65-2.20 / kg, respectively. Similarly in Georgia in both segments, prices rose to $ 1.47-1.63 / kg.

Blackcurrant prices as of July 17, 2020

Meanwhile, in Of Russia and Moldova the rise in prices for currants occurred only in the segment of black berries, which at the end of the week were sold at $ 1.83-3.37 / kg and $ 2.34-2.93 / kg, respectively. Prices for red currants in these countries remained stable: $ 3.51-3.65 / kg in Russia and $ 2.05-2.34 / kg in Moldova.

IN Tajikistan prices for currants remained at the level of $ 1.16-1.26 / kg for both red and black berries.

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