Strawberry garden in Russia over the week rose by 13%

Strawberry garden in Russia over the week rose by 13%


Prices for strawberry garden in Russia are already 2.3 times higher than last year

In Russia, prices for local strawberries are continuing to rise, analysts at the APK-Inform: Vegetables and Fruits project said. Market operators call the main reason for the rise in price of local berries unstable and low-volume deliveries from local farms due to worsening weather conditions in the southern regions of the country.

So, today the price of domestic strawberry garden is voiced in the range of 250-380 rubles / kg ($ 3.53-5.37 / kg), which is on average 13% more than at the end of last working week.

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Market participants believe that the excitement around strawberries is associated with its very low market supply, although the season of this berry in the Southern Federal District is in full swing. Farmers of some areas in the southern regions report the death of large strawberry plantations from severe frosts in April, and today the offer of domestic wild strawberries on the market is very small. Also, this week, an unpleasant surprise for many producers of garden strawberries is heavy rain. Gardeners in the main production regions cannot begin to harvest this berry.

At the same time, it is worth noting that the price of local strawberry garden in the Russian market at the moment is already on average 2.3 times higher than in the same period last year. However, market operators do not forecast price reductions in the strawberry garden segment. Producers expect that strawberries will be sold more expensive throughout the season than last year. Also, most producers say that the bulk of the berries they have already contracted by wholesale companies and retail chains.


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