Starting prices for sweet cherry harvest-2020 in Moldova are 10-15% higher than last year

Starting prices for sweet cherry harvest-2020 in Moldova are 10-15% higher than last year


Starting prices for 2020 export sweet cherry are 35-40 lei / kg ($ 1.98-2.27 / kg)

In Moldova, several large agricultural enterprises formed the first export batches of sweet cherries for the Russian market. Deliveries are still carried out through intermediaries (although some producers of these fruits plan to carry out direct shipments this year for small Russian supermarket chains). Starting prices for the export cherry of the 2020 harvest are 35-40 lei / kg ($ 1.98-2.27 / kg). This is about 10-15% higher than last year at the very beginning of the marketing season.

Earlier, experts from the Moldovan Federation of Agricultural Producers of Moldova FARM suggested that, despite the decrease in the purchasing power of many consumers even in rich countries, prices for many types of fruits (even from the “premium” segment, which includes sweet cherries) will not decrease at least at the beginning of the current season.

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At the same time, the leaders of some export-oriented horticultural farms in Moldova agree that the relatively high prices for cherries at the beginning of the season are perhaps a temporary phenomenon, due to a small supply of goods and unsatisfied “primary” demand for it. As the market is saturated with mid-ripening varieties, less affected by spring frosts, the price is likely to stabilize and, it is possible, will decrease.

Moreover, as EastFruit reported, in Moldova, due to rains in late May – early June, the quality of sweet cherry has decreased. And in the country, only a few agricultural enterprises have equipment for sorting cherries by caliber. And not all of its producers are able to organize the sorting of fruits by variety, state of ripeness and physical integrity. In this state of things, the key role will be played by whether buyers make compromises in the field of the quality of purchased products, as well as whether they agree not to reduce the prices of goods too flawed.


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