Spanish gardeners destroy crop of wild strawberry

Spanish gardeners destroy crop of wild strawberry


Due to the virus in Spain, there is a decrease in population demand for strawberry

The Spanish farmer from Cartaya, Elisabeth Morgado Murano, decided to end the campaign to collect garden strawberries early and destroy 30,000 of the 60,000 plants at her Las Cabesuelas Tarikejos farm. The fault is the very low price of the products, Agri-gator reports with reference to huelvacosta.

About a month and a half before the end of the current agricultural season, a significant number of farmers in Spain began to abandon their plantations, leaving the plants to dry or manually destroying the crop. According to the Spanish producer Elizabeth Morgado Murano, the berry season started at record low prices: 0.62 euros per kilogram in the fresh market, and 0.15 euros for processing. Spanish farmers attribute this pricing situation to the coronavirus pandemic. In their opinion, Covid-19 influenced the reduction in the needs of restaurants and shops, in addition, it is precisely because of the virus that there is a decrease in demand for berries among the population.

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Returning to the case of Elizabeth Morgado Murano, the entrepreneur estimated losses of 18,000 euros, and hastened to finish the season in advance, destroying 30,000 plants. “Today’s price does not cover production costs, we lose money every day,” Murano explained such a radical act.


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