Six Simple Steps to Increase Sales of Vegetables, Fruits and Berries with Telegram

Six Simple Steps to Increase Sales of Vegetables, Fruits and Berries with Telegram


With specific examples from EastFruit groups we want to show what typical mistakes the participants make and how to most effectively promote their products on our and other trading platforms.

Every day, more and more people sell and buy fruits and vegetables and their production technologies on the Telegram trading platforms. But, despite our recommendations, they do it very inefficiently. Sometimes, they literally provide themselves with anti-advertising, spending their time and efforts on it.

Therefore, we want to show by examples from our groups what typical mistakes participants make and how to most effectively promote their products on our and other trading platforms.

By the way, these same rules will be relevant for sales in Viber groups, which are especially popular in some countries.

1. Get into the search

Not all users turn on notifications, but view group messages occasionally. In this case, not viewed ads can accumulate a great many. To revise them you need to spend time, and time is, as you know, money.

Therefore, many people use group search to speed up the process, especially since in Telegam this can be done in several ways. But this is where the pitfall is hidden. An ad that was placed incorrectly simply will not find the search.

Let’s analyze the typical mistakes of participants, because of which their announcement cannot be found in the search

AND). The ad text does not indicate products.

If you meet such an announcement in a group, then everything seems to be clear. Squash for sale in Adygea from 5 tons. But if a participant who needs zucchini writes “zucchini” in the search, then he will not see this announcement, and the one who posted it will probably lose the client. By the way, it would also be desirable to indicate the country and phone number in the text itself. Sometimes it is not possible to send a message “in PM” or the seller does not see it. In addition, all messages are automatically copied to the EastFruit website in the trading portal, where ads without a phone number are useless. And this is also the loss of potential customers.

One more piece of advice if you are selling a tomato, it is better to write “tomato” and “tomato” in the text, because both words are used in everyday life quite widely and a search for the word “tomato” will not find ads with the word “tomato”.

Always indicate the product name and phone number in the text!

B) Announcement picture

At first glance, everything seems to be fine. Indicated products, location and even price with a phone. But again, with the help of a search, no one will see this announcement, neither one who is looking for a cucumber, nor one who is looking for ads from Russia or Novosibirsk.

That is, you spent your time drawing an ad picture, but at the same time hid it from most users. After all, it would be much more efficient to mix the photo, and under it the same text.

The text in the picture is a bad idea! Always duplicate the text in the ad.

AT). The announcement does not indicate the country and city of shipment or delivery – the most common mistake that most participants make.

If someone searches for ads from Russia, then he will not see him.

In addition, even if the country is indicated, you still need to specify the city, because Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are very large countries. Make it easy for the customer and show that you value his time.

The first question that arises for someone reading such an announcement is WHERE? Where does the participant buy tomatoes? Where is the large volume of zucchini.

When publishing an announcement, it should be borne in mind that our groups are international and representatives of more than 30 countries are present in them. Therefore, without indicating the place, you, firstly, show disrespect to the participants, forcing you to ask clarifying questions, and secondly, you yourself often do not answer them later. And all you need to do is simply indicate this information in the ad.

2. Use hashtags

A hashtag (from the English. Hashtag – the sign “pound”) is a keyword that is written after the sign “#”. If you put # in front of any word in Telegam, it automatically becomes clickable, and when you click on it, a window opens displaying messages with a similar hashtag. Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the global search does not work in Telegram, so the user will only see posts from the groups and channels to which he is subscribed. But this also gives us additional opportunities for quick search in a group. For example, if you use the name of the company with a hashtag in all your ads, the participant will be able to see all your ads with one click.

It is recommended to use hashtags with the name of the product and location (country, city). You can place hashtags both in the ad text and below.

3. Correctly post photos

In Telegram, there are several ways to post photos of the product – “Like a file”, “Like an image” and “Like a gallery”. The first method is used if you want to transfer the image in its original quality, therefore it is categorically not suitable for placement in groups due to the large file sizes. We recommend placing the photo as an image, and if there are several, then in the form of a gallery.

At the same time, the number of images should not be more than 5 for one ad, and they should be as informative as possible. You should not post identical or almost identical photos that do not carry a semantic load – this only clogs the group and annoys customers, so they are more likely to turn to someone who treats them with due respect.

Yes, and using videos is a terrible idea. Do not do this – the video annoys buyers. Most people will not want to waste time watching amateur videos, usually of poor quality. If they ask you to send a video, you can always do it. But, most likely, you will be asked to show the product via video during the conversation. Respect your customer!

Lots of photos is a bad idea! Video is a terrible idea. We place a minimum of photos and only in the form of a gallery.

4. Phone number is the main thing, but not everyone indicates it

Sometimes participants forget to indicate the phone number in the ad text, which does not make sense, because nullifies all efforts. Yes, and similar ads fall under the suspicion of experienced participants, because if a person hides his phone, then perhaps he has reasons to hide.

Those who indicate a phone number in ads do not always do it right. We recommend publishing your phone number in international format with a “+” sign and a country code. What does it give? If the phone is written in international format, you can make a call simply by clicking on the number. The inability to make a call right away often means that the advantage is received by the one who posted the phone number with the code, and you have lost a promising customer.

By placing the phone correctly, you make it as easy as possible for participants to make a phone call, and accordingly increase the number of customer calls.

Indicate the country code in the phone number always!

5. Select an ad

To draw attention to your ad, you need to highlight it. There are few opportunities in Telegram to highlight text, but they still exist. For instance:

To highlight the word in bold, you need to put two asterisks on both sides.

Write ** Watermelon ** – get Watermelon.

To select an oblique font, you need to put two underscores instead of asterisks.

We write __ Melon __ – we receive Melon.

You can also use Emoji for highlighting, the main thing is not to overdo it and not turn your ad into a catchy picture in which the text is almost unreadable.

6. Editing ads

Often users forget something and add information in the next message. As a result, if you are lucky and no one has time to give your ad, it turns out, as we see in the picture. Why add it, it’s better to use the editing function. We click on your ad and select Edit.

Adhering to these simple rules, you will significantly increase sales efficiency and get additional customers. So you can sell your products more profitably and more quickly, spending less time.

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