Russia: the price of cucumber from local plants continues to decline

Russia: the price of cucumber from local plants continues to decline


Supplies of imported cucumbers to the Russian market were very voluminous and stable.

Prices for cucumber from local greenhouse plants in the Russian market continue to decline for the second week in a row, EastFruit project analysts said. Market participants explained the situation at once by several main factors. Firstly, the demand for local cucumbers has noticeably worsened. At the same time, the offer of these products on the market was more than sufficient. Greenhouse plants worked at full capacity and regularly carried out shipment. Secondly, the supply of imported cucumbers was also very voluminous and stable.

In these circumstances, sellers were forced to revise prices downward to avoid the accumulation of large volumes of unsold products in warehouses. So, today smooth cucumber goes on sale in the range of 50-90 rubles / kg ($ 0.67-1.20 / kg), which is on average 16% cheaper than a week earlier. At the same time, cucumber was sold at a price of 80-140 rubles / kg ($ 1.07-1.87 / kg), which is on average 8% cheaper than at the end of last working week.

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We also note that in the same period last year, Russian plants shipped smooth cucumber on average 25% more expensive than today. A tuberous cucumber in early March 2019 went on sale an average of 16% more expensive. According to project analysts, a similar pricing situation on the Russian cucumber market in this period is quite traditional. They explain the cheaper products by a seasonal increase in supply amid very moderate demand in this segment.


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