Russia: growth in prices for fruits and vegetables accelerated five times over the week

Prices for vegetables and fruits in Russia for the week from September 28 to October 4, 2021 began to grow five times faster than a week earlier, according to Rosstat data: from 0.3% to 1.5%. In particular, tomatoes rose in price by 12% (a week earlier the growth was 10.1%), cucumbers – by 6.3% (4.2%), potatoes – by 4.4% (1.8%).

On the contrary, the cost of apples began to fall – the decline was 1.4% (2% a week earlier). Onions fell in price by 0.7% (0.5%), cabbage – by 0.3% (0.5%), carrots – by 0.2% (1.2%), according to Rosstat. In September, fruits and vegetables rose in price by 1.8%, since the beginning of the year – by 0.57%, compared to September last year – by 15.2%. Thus, the prices for tomatoes over the month increased by 24.9%, cucumbers – by 17.3%, oranges – by 12.9%, garlic – by 6.5%, bananas – by 3.4%, pears – by 3%. , 3%, lemons – by 3.1%, fresh herbs – by 2.4%, dried fruits – by 2%. At the same time, beets fell by 13.7%, grapes – by 12.6%, carrots – by 10.3%, apples – by 5.7%, cabbage – by 3.6%, onions – by 2.8 %.

The executive director of the Potato Union of the Russian Federation, Alexey Krasilnikov, told Agroinvestor that the rise in prices for potatoes is indeed observed. “The weather now allows us to enter the most active phase of harvesting in the Volga region, central Russia and other regions,” he said. – Let’s hope that it will be possible to remove what is planted. In general, two weeks ago, the lag was serious compared to last year. “

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Krasilnikov noted that the increase in prices is now associated with seasonal factors, including a lag in harvesting and a shortage of selected large potatoes. “In addition, a difficult situation is developing in Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Baltic states. There is a shortage of workers. In many regions, there has been significant growth in the wholesale and retail sector, – said Krasilnikov. – For some items, prices are twice as high as last year. This applies primarily to potatoes and cabbage. ” He added that this season will not be easy. “The situation will become clearer by the end of the harvest campaign,” Krasilnikov said.

Director of the Fruit and Vegetable Union Mikhail Glushkov told Agroinvestor that greenhouses for greenhouses are becoming more expensive because winter industrial greenhouses are now starting to work. “The colder it gets, the more money is spent on maintaining greenhouses,” he said. Vegetables of the borsch set, according to him, on the contrary, are getting cheaper against the background of the harvest. “It’s the same with apples, the harvest is in progress. It will last until the end of October, ”Glushkov added. According to him, in the cold season, compared with the summer period, wholesale prices can rise by one and a half to two times and “this is an annual trend.”